Thursday, October 1, 2020



New York State Legislature Passes Hate Crime Legislation Honoring Monsey Stabbing Victim

The New York state legislature passed a hate crimes act that considers murders committed due to the victims’ race or religion as “acts of...

Esther Rbibo on How to Talk to Kids About Anti-Semitism

A well-intentioned relative recently emailed me an article about the attack in Monsey, N.Y. He also sent a copy to my 12-year-old daughter. I...

Stop Scapegoating Zionist Jews for American Racism

The Monsey attack at a rabbi’s home during his Hanukkah celebration, where a man wielded a machete, comes after a surge of recent anti-Semitic...

City of Fear: The Fallout of Monsey

Where once there was confidence and ease in being a New York City Jew —  whether you were a Seinfeldian Upper West Sider or...

A Story of Media Bias

The Los Angeles Times recently reported what to some was an uncomfortable fact. In a front-page story about the horrific attack at a rabbi’s...

The Symbols Behind the Hate

I’m getting dizzy. A string of anti-Semitic attacks is putting all of us on edge. I’m on information overload — the horrible facts, statistics,...

Jewish Groups React to Monsey Stabbings

Jewish groups have expressed shock and horror over the stabbings that occurred at a rabbi’s house in the New York City suburb of Monsey,...

10 Simple Rules for Thinking About Anti-Semitism in America

Anti-Semitism is a sign of a society in crisis When a majority of American Jews pointed at Donald Trump as the main culprit of anti-Semitism...

After Monsey, Letting the Light Guide Us

Saturday night, at a Hanukkah party in Los Angeles, I heard about an antisemitic attack in New York, in which a suspect wielding either...

No More Sitting Ducks: Jews Need to Learn Self-Defense

After each anti-Semitic attack, Jews seem to get weaker and more vulnerable. One reason is that instead of taking real action, we prefer to...

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Jewish Groups Praise Newsom for Vetoing Ethnic Studies Bill

Newsom said he vetoed it because the latest draft "still needs revision."

‘I’m Not Going to Get Stuck’: Ahead of the Election, Growing Numbers of US Jews Consider Leaving

An immigration lawyer in Toronto said that she has seen a spike inquiries from American Jews about moving to Canada.

Israeli President Calls Swastika Graffiti in Britain on Yom Kippur ‘Shocking’

"Words of condemnation are not enough. We need #Holocaust education and remembrance."

Coastal Roots Farm’s Creates Drive-Thru Sukkot Event

This year, the farm's Sukkot Harvest Festival will look a little different because of COVID-19.