Third explosion rocks earthquake-damaged Japan nuclear plant

A third explosion in four days rocked the earthquake-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in northeast Japan early Tuesday, the country\’s nuclear safety agency said. The blast at Dai-ichi Unit 2 followed two hydrogen explosions at the plant – the latest on Monday – as authorities struggle to prevent the catastrophic release of radiation in the area devastated by a tsunami.

Will recession fuel a return to public schools?

Throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District, the recession is prompting middle-class parents to take a look at public middle and high schools they have long disdained.

Is Bernie Madoff Jewish?  Very. Oy.

\”It\’s all just one big lie.\”\n\nWith those words Bernard Madoff confessed to senior executives of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities that the $17 billion hedge fund he founded was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. Madoff is at the center of \”the largest investor swindle ever blamed on a single individual.\”\n\nThe news that broke today on the front pages of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reverberated in Jewish communities across the world. \”A lot of Jewish charities had investments with him,\” one prominent investor told The Jewish Journal. \”So did a lot of Jews.\”\n\nUPDATE: Among the victims was the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.\n\n


The image of oil sheiks lighting campfires to keep warm beside their indoor ski slopes comforted me for only an instant. The truth is, their pain and our pain are interconnected, as it is with the fate of those striking Chicago factory workers, the college grads unable to find decent jobs and, of course, our own Jewish community.

Don’t let the stress of ailing economy kill you

Research based on 17 years of Pennsylvania unemployment records concluded that workers affected by mass layoffs at a plant were 15 percent more likely to die of any cause over the next two decades.

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