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Death of a Parent During Coronavirus

I have discovered that mourning and bereavement are the loneliest undertakings on Earth.

Michele Prince: Helping Kids and Adults Through the Grieving Process

After years of working in advertising, Michele Prince decided to go back to school to pursue a joint master’s degree in social work and...

Loss Is In The Details by Rabbi Karen B. Kaplan

I would never have noticed except that Pam pointed it out to me as I looked at her mother Nora sleeping in the hospital...

Missing by Rabbi Janet Madden

I’ve officiated at many funerals for people whom I’ve known for quite some time. I’ve known many of them through times of deep challenges,...

Do Paths Diverge? Is there a Fork in the Road? or Do Paths Run Together Again? By Rena Boroditsky

Now in my early 50’s, I’ve lived longer than either of my parents did.  My dad died at 44 and my mom died at...

The Place of Sorrow, the Sorrow of that Place by Craig Taubman

When my in-laws Charlotte and Dr. Eli Brent passed away last year, these words by Marsha Falk became a comfort. “All things are born small...

When Did You Lose Yours?

This article is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz Aka Schwartzie (May the Schwartz B W U) When did you Lose yours? Was it the...

Loss has no closure

I was just listening to the news about, Lane Grave, the 2 year old boy that was dragged away, by an alligator at Disney World in Florida.

Hundreds turn out for Israel funeral of ex-Hasid who apparently killed herself

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of a formerly haredi Orthodox Israeli woman who was found dead in what is believed to be a suicide.

How Jewish ritual helped me find my way through loss

I had to press my lips closed, the day after it ended. The ritual was no longer mine. My duty was complete. But the words, with...

Israel falls in world lacrosse quarterfinals

Israel’s debut in the World Lacrosse Championships ended in the quarterfinals with a 9-8 loss to Australia.

How to comfort and be comforted

Parshat Vaetchanan (Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11) God tells Moses that although he\'s faithfully led His people through the desert these past 40 years, and although the Jews are now standing at the very border of the Holy Land, Moses himself will never be allowed entry, and will die and be buried outside of Israel.


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H.O.P.E. for the bereaved, even years later

Four years after Shirley T.\'s husband died, the anniversary of his death was more painful than she could have anticipated. She spent the day before cooking the foods he loved and somehow navigated emotionally through the anniversary itself.


Obituaries for October and November 2007


Obituaries October and November 2007

Transcendence — a true story for Yom Kippur

What is it that allowed this family to stay whole and renew the life in themselves when fate, or God, or a violent man, dealt them unimaginable grief? In this season of renewal and introspection, of fate and faith, what can others facing obstacles of any degree learn from this family\'s remarkable ability to transcend the unthinkable?

Farewell, my beloved Mom

Finally, I\'m grateful to the Almighty for having given me such a remarkable mother who, by example, taught her many offspring about the beauty of Judaism, how to lead meaningful lives and how important it is to do chesed for others. May her memory be a blessing.



‘Tragic Loss’ documents Israeli astronaut’s ill-fated flight

Space escapades have been filling the news of late, from the tale of a jealous NASA astronaut stalking her rival to Virgin Galactic's 99-minute...

New approaches in Iraq could <I>help</I> Israel

Israel is now stuck between Iraq and a hard place; those in the administration who most uncritically support Israel don\'t know what they\'re doing, and those who have better ideas are more critical of Israel.

A date for three

I\'m always hearing about a surplus of widows and divorced women, but recently I realized that I have been meeting widowers.

Woman’s cathartic memoir focuses on Hobson’s Choice — mom or dad

Devyani Saltzman sat frozen over her math homework as her parents screamed at each other one evening at the Cannes Film Festival in 1992. Her mother, the Indian-born filmmaker Deepa Mehta, had come to Cannes to premiere her first feature, \"Sam & Me,\" about the unlikely relationship between an elderly Jew and his Indian caregiver. Devyani\'s father, Canadian-Jewish producer Paul Saltzman, had joined her to celebrate.Instead, their own relationship unraveled that evening in what was to be the last fight (and, essentially, the last day) of their marriage.

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