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A Twitter Call to Send Kosher Pizza to Hospitals Feeds Thousands Nationwide

Donors are sending kosher food to thousands of hospital workers nationwide Bethany Mandel put out a call on Twitter for people to send kosher pizza...

The Lawfare Project Opens New Anti-Semitism Case Against Kuwait Airways

The Lawfare Project, a non-profit legal litigation fund committed to protecting the civil and human rights of Jewish communities worldwide, has filed a new...

Meet the non-Jew who wants Hebrew and kosher food in LAUSD schools

The most Jew-ish candidate for a local office in Los Angeles right now, it turns out, is not a Jew at all. Gregory Martayan is...

Jewish death row prisoner in Kentucky sues for exclusion from kosher meal program

A Reform Jewish death row prisoner in Kentucky is suing the penitentiary where he is incarcerated for kicking him out of the state’s kosher food program.

Lacking GMO labels, kosher foods go missing in Vermont

A wide variety of kosher foods have disappeared from grocery shelves in Vermont after the state’s strict GMO labeling law went into effect July 1.

Exotic and kosher

Balinese food offers a brand new treasure trove of previously undiscovered, delicious, kosher-style recipes and menu ideas.

Pigeon meat and 5 other kosher trends to watch

Walking around the exhibitors’ hall at Kosherfest, the annual kosher food trade show, is like finding yourself at the most intense synagogue kiddush reception you could ever imagine.

When the Hasidim come to Norman Rockwell country

The lazy days of August have a special flavor in the rolling hills of the Berkshires, in western Massachusetts.

Time for a kosher hot dog and a beer and Dodger baseball

Spring is upon us. The seders are over, the Iran problem endures. Romance is in the air and, with romance, some men’s and women’s hearts turn to baseball.

The Kosher Palate sets up shop in South Bay

When Michele Grant was scouting locations for T.K.P. Provisions, her new kosher restaurant and specialty foods shop, she looked at several neighborhoods with established kosher scenes and large Orthodox populations.

Death row inmate in Connecticut suing state for kosher food

A death row inmate is suing the Connecticut Department of Correction claiming he is an Orthodox Jew and is being denied kosher food.

Senate bids to add kosher food to emergency food distribution

An amendment under consideration in the U.S. Senate would add kosher food to emergency food assistance.

Why kosher cooking is good for the soul

Cooking has been a passion for me, and passing on my knowledge and experience to a new kosher audience is one of my greatest joys. When my two earlier books were published — “Kosher Cuisine” and “Helen Nash’s Kosher Kitchen” — that joy was mingled with regret at having to exclude so many more appetizing dishes and ideas about cuisine, nutrition and a healthful approach to everyday meals.

Letters to the Editor: Gun control, Israel, kosher food at Jewish day schools

Gun Debate ContinuesDennis Prager puts forth two reasons to own a gun (“Jews and Guns,” Aug. 10). One is reasonable (family protection), the other...

Availability of kosher food aboard Titanic sheds light on immigration via England

Of the 2,225 people aboard Titanic on its maiden voyage, 1,512 perished in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic when the ship went down in the early hours of April 15, 1912.

A New Kosher Market to Serve the Old Club

In time for Passover, in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles, the Fairfax District’s Western Kosher market has opened a second location in the former site of the Kosher Club on Pico Boulevard. “This is about four times the size of our other store,” new owner David Kagan said. “We have brought in new shelving, refrigerator cabinets and lighting. We’ve repainted and polished the floor,” he added, speaking of the renovations to the former store that had closed in December 2011.

Kashrut and Mindfulness: Savoring Fresh, Local Fare at La Seine

This is a story about a dream afternoon I spent at La Seine, where chef Alex Reznik is cooking seasonal, farm-to-table, California-Asian … kosher food.

Nevada prisoner sues for access to kosher food

A Jewish prisoner has taken legal action to prevent the shut-down of the kosher food programs in Nevada state prisons. Attorneys for Howard Ackerman say he’s an Orthodox Jew concerned by reports that the Department of Corrections in Nevada plans to discontinue kosher food service in state prisons within the week.

EasyJet apologizes for pork sandwiches

EasyJet apologized to Jewish passengers who were offered ham melts and bacon baguettes. The budget airline has featured kosher and vegetarian sandwiches since its London-Tel Aviv route was introduced late last year, a spokeswoman told media outlets Tuesday. It is also the airline\'s policy not to have any pork products on board the planes on that route.

Montana inmate sues for kosher food

An inmate in Montana Women\'s Prison is suing the state corrections office and prison officials for not providing her with kosher food. Shelley Tischler claimed in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Billings, Mont., that she is Jewish and eats kosher food. She claims that prison officials are denying her kosher food, and that fellow inmates and prison staff are directing slurs about her Jewish faith at her, according to The Billings Gazette.

Missing Matzah? It’s a Chain Store Problem

The hunt for matzah stretched beyond the afikomen this year. A matzah shortage this week left many Southern California shoppers driving to multiple supermarkets in search of the unleavened bread, which plays a leading role during Passover seders and is used throughout the week.

Certifying kosher food in China keeping rabbis busy

With the kosher certification of more than 300 food factories in China, each producing multiple products, America\'s largest kosher-certification company, the Orthodox Union (OU), has more than doubled the number of certifications it does in China just in the past two years.

Top tastes of Purim wrapped up together

The theme for our family Purim dinner this year will be blintzes, but the preparation will be a little different and will include ingredients that are symbolic for the holiday.

A kosher steakhouse for BH? Well done!

New York\'s upscale The Prime Grill, coming to Beverly Hills this week, isn\'t your father\'s glatt kosher restaurant.For one thing, it\'s a high-end steak house that also specializes in sushi. For another, the management expects it to become a destination for high-powered meetings and high-profile celebrities.They go so far as to claim that the opening here means Los Angeles is finally catching up to New York in the Jewish culinary big leagues.

Boy Scouts Blend Values at Shul Tent

When Boy Scout troop 711 from Alaska lost four of its leaders in a freak electrical accident on the first day of the recent National Scout Jamboree here, the one Jewish Scout in the Alaska contingent was left in a quandary. On the Sunday morning of the gathering, when jamboree activities were suspended for a few hours, all of Noah Magen\'s troop mates were headed to religious services for their respective faiths. But what does a Jewish Scout do on Sunday? For Noah, the answer was the Shul Tent, where daily services and special programming were provided for Jewish Scouts.

Market Chain Adds

Sheryl Krok often drives from Irvine to Los Angeles on business for her cleaning products line. But before the South African immigrant returns home, Krok makes a kosher pit stop, buying a month\'s supply of chicken to feed her carnivorous family of five. \"Because, hello! Irvine doesn\'t know there are kosher Jews down here,\" said Krok, who would be happy to give up bulk buying.

A More Reliable Kosher Label

There was a time when a half-moon K on a carton of cottage cheese didn\'t mean much to someone who kept strictly kosher. Conventional wisdom held that the heksher (the kosher symbol) was not all that reliable. Today, things are changing at Kosher Overseers (KO), which supervises about 1,000 companies worldwide and has its bulging K on more than 1 million products.

A Touch of Tomchei

It\'s 6:30 p.m. on a Thursday, and the modest storefront at 3531a N. La Brea Ave. is teeming with people. The shelves that were stocked with bottles of Rokeach grape juice, jars of Tzali\'s gefilte fish and cans of California chunk light tuna only a half hour ago, are now nearly empty.

Skiing With a Purpose

As people shoosh down the California mountains, one group will be getting more than just snow: Torah.

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Six prominent Holocaust survivors who had dedicated much of their lives to educating others against hatred have died in Europe over the past month.

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Iran’s parliament passed a law on Wednesday aimed at pressuring President-elect Joe Biden to reenter the Iran nuclear deal almost as soon as he assumes office.