The Hidden Wonders of Your Lungs with Dr. Jonathan Reisman

Congratulations to my friend, Jonathan Reisman, on his book, The Unseen Body, which publishes today, Nov 9, 2021! We met in India during Allahabad...

Travel back to India: The Secret Keeper of Jaipur

I absolutely loved The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi and wrote about it for Ms. Magazine and Thrive Global. It is possible that I...

Deepak Chopra interviewed by Lisa Niver: May News 2021

May News 2021 with Lisa Niver & We Said Go Travel: Thank you Deepak Chopra! I loved speaking with him about the divine feminine, his new 21-day...

Covid Relief to India through WHEN: World Health and Education Network

I met Jonathan Reisman in India nearly a decade ago. He is a physician who founded World Health and Education Network (WHEN). They are...

Shavout Under Quarantine and Civil Unrest

Shavuot was to mark the first cautious steps toward freedom.

A Pesach View of India

Pesach: From slavery to freedom, to nation building, to prosperity. My wife and I and our 14-year-old granddaughter, recently returned from a trip to India....

One Nation, Many Faces

Around the world, an unprecedented awakening is taking place. Descendants of Jews from all walks of life are looking to return to their roots...

India, Pakistan Strike Each Other’s Jets

India and Pakistan ramped up their conflict over the last 24 hours when they struck down each other’s jets. India launched strikes into Pakistan on...

Photographer Trains Her Eye on Vanishing Jewish Communities

In 2007, while working on a Jewish-themed photography project in India, New York-based photographer Chrystie Sherman decided to travel from Delhi to Kabul to...


“Bina,” Laura Ben-David “This little girl, clutching one of her few possessions, had made a long journey, moving with her family from Manipur, India, to...

VICTORIA AND ABDUL *Star Interview and Full Review*

Judi Dench has played so many queens that she should be honorary British royalty.  In Victoria & Abdul, the time period is 1887 and...

Looking for ‘history’? Try the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Israel

Have a happy July Fourth. Here are three comments on countries that are not celebrating Independence today – but are celebrating other things. 1. Today is a...

These incredible photos show members of an Indian-Jewish ‘lost tribe’ moving to Israel

One hundred and two members of the Jewish community in India, who trace their heritage to one of Israel’s lost tribes, are moving to...

India’s Jews renew push for official minority status

India’s approximately 5,000-member Jewish community is renewing its request for official government recognition as a minority group, submitting an application to the country’s minority affairs ministry.

India close to $3 billion arms deal with Israel

India is nearing final approval to buy $3 billion worth of arms from Israel.

With Israeli-EU relations strained, Netanyahu looks toward Asia

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, sat kiddy-corner in armchairs at this week’s international climate summit near Paris, talking and laughing

Ready, set, Goa in India

Rabbinic tradition has it that Hodu (“India” in Hebrew) is the word Yehudi (“Jew” in Hebrew), without the letter yod, which signifies the one God — suggesting that India possesses kindred spirituality to Judaism, minus the monotheism.

India turns to Israel for armed drones as Pakistan, China build fleets

India has accelerated plans to buy drones from Israel that can be armed, defence sources said, allowing the military to carry out strikes overseas with less risk to personnel.

Israel and India in throes of a new romance

Israel provides high-tech know-how; India offers political support.

Israel says security ties with India out of the closet

Israel\'s security relationship with India is out in the open after years of being under wraps, the Israeli defense minister said on Thursday, vowing to play a bigger role in Prime Minister Narendra Modi\'s drive to build an industrial base.

East meets West for UC Grad at Asian Chabads

Like many newly minted American college graduates, Liad Braude, a 22-year-old UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) alumnus, chose to travel instead of going straight into the workforce.

Al-Qaida announces India wing, renews loyalty to Taliban chief

Al-Qaida leader Ayman al Zawahri on Wednesday announced the formation of an Indian branch of his militant group he said would spread Islamic rule and \"raise the flag of jihad\" across the subcontinent.

Moving and Shaking: Temple Adat Elohim names interim rabbi, Brooke Burke-Charvet honored

Rabbi Barry Diamond Temple Adat Elohim (TAE) has named Southern California native Rabbi Barry Diamond as its interim rabbi. He replaces Rabbi Ted Riter, who ended his...

India-born British-Jewish artist Kapoor is knighted

Anish Kapoor, a British-Jewish artist, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Wanted: Diamond polishers in Israel. Piety not a problem

Diamond manufacturing is a dwindling trade in Israel. The country has one of the world\'s hottest diamond exchanges, but polishers and cutters of the precious stones have been replaced by cheaper workers in newer hubs like India and China.

Indian authorities remove ‘Hitler’ cloithing store sign

Municipal authorities in the Indian state of Gujarat removed the sign for a men\'s clothing store named Hitler. The sign -- on which the letter \"i\" was dotted with a swastika -- was removed Tuesday after hundreds of complaints from both within and outside of the Jewish community.

Obama faces tough call on Iran oil sanctions

Just weeks after the election, President Barack Obama will be faced with a pivotal decision on oil sanctions on Iran, in which he will have to balance the need to stay tough on Tehran without pushing oil prices too high.

Jews of Ahmedabad, India, welcome Torah scroll

The small Jewish community of Ahmedabad, India, where a store called Hitler recently changed its name, held a synagogue celebration to dedicate a new Torah scroll.

Hitler clothing store in India to change name

The owners of a men\'s clothing store in the Indian state of Gujarat said they would change the store\'s name from Hitler.

Jack Jacob: The general who saved India from more war

Lt. Gen. Jack Jacob, a national hero in India for likely saving hundreds of thousands of lives, is planning to fade away.

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