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Asylum, Which Made the United States a Leader in Protecting Jews, Could Disappear

The America that welcomed us when we escaped religious persecution is in danger of disappearing.

New Yad Sarah Building Will Provide Resources to Immigrants, Elderly in Israel

Volunteer medical aid organization Yad Sarah is opening a new multi-service center in Ashdod, Israel’s largest city in the South and home to one...

Message to Immigrants: ‘You Aren’t Alone’

The rideshare dropped me off 15 minutes early at the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles. Already, there were hundreds of people standing...

Jews Protesting Detention Centers: Inside Never Again Action

In recent issues of this publication, several op-eds have debated whether it is appropriate to call migrant detention centers “concentration camps.” There’s no doubt...

Empathy or Fear – A Country Divided

Who has not seen the image of two bodies face down in the water ruach  of El Salvador) without responding with a tear in...

This Passover, Teach Your Children About Modern-Day Slavery

While enjoying a seder at a friend’s house, I watched a father tell his 5-year-old daughter the story of Passover.  “The Jews were slaves in...

Tevye’s Daughter Comes to America: A Rewriting of the Jewish Immigrant Narrative

Waves of Jewish immigrants washed up on the shores of the Atlantic at the turn of the century in the hopes of fulfilling the...

Women Should Run the World – A poem for Parsha Shemot (Aliyah 1) by Rick Lupert

Women Should Run the World - A poem for Parsha Shemot (Aliyah 1) by Rick Lupert

Changing Countries and Careers After 50

When Paul Serkin, now 59, made aliyah from Brooklyn in 2009, he hoped to continue his career as an IT health care expert. Serkin, who...

Immigration Lessons: How Other Countries Handle Immigration

Today, we are witnessing an incredible wave of migrations. According to the statistics provided by the UN, currently, there are around 244 million international...

Europe’s refugee crisis: An inside look with Maya Rimer

The Refugee crisis in Europe, though seemingly distant and even sometimes obscure, is now actually more severe and relevant than ever. Every week thousands...

Donald Trump says anti-Semitic immigrants will be barred under his plan

Donald Trump said he would test would-be immigrants for anti-Semitic beliefs and that Israel would be a key ally in defeating radical Islam.

The Republican debate’s $10 question

The easiest question of the second Republican presidential debate turned out to be the hardest: “Which woman would you put on the $10 bill?

Young olim won’t feel alone

When Avital Avraham, 17, of Sherman Oaks arrived in Israel earlier this month with plans to make aliyah and join the Israel Defense Forces, she said she was “honored that Israel is opening their arms to me even though I wasn’t born here.”

Israel will bring in remaining Ethiopian immigrants

Israel’s government agreed to expedite the arrival of the final Ethiopian immigrants waiting to come to Israel.

Jerusalem court clears way for S. Sudanese migrants’ deportation

A Jerusalem court ruled that Israel could deport South Sudanese migrants who entered the country illegally.\n

South Tel Aviv quiet but tense

South Tel Aviv remained calm but tense Friday after recent violence aimed at African immigrants.

Ten years after the Dolphinarium attack, a turning point for Israel’s Russian-speaking immigrants

Faina Dorfman, who immigrated to Israel from Uzbekistan hoping that her only child would have a better life here, walks along a stretch of beach just south of a tattered seaside disco called the Dolphinarium. Ten years ago, a young Palestinian detonated a bomb packed with nails and bullets as he stood amid a crowd waiting to be let inside for a night of dancing.

North American immigrants lead in Israel’s nonprofit sector

When David Portowicz was a new immigrant to Israel from Brooklyn in the 1970s, he began research on poverty in Jaffa that would lead to his life’s work: the creation of a nonprofit organization that now serves thousands of disadvantaged children and their families. A doctoral student in social work at the time, the small NGO he co-founded in 1982, the Jaffa Institute, today is a veritable force of nature with 35 programs and an annual operating budget of $6 million. The institute runs afterschool activity centers to help keep kids off the streets, offers university scholarships for 170 graduates of Jaffa programs, has shelters for runaways and even provides music lessons.

Ethiopian immigrants arrive in Israel

More than 335 immigrants from Ethiopia arrived in Israel on a special Jewish Agency charter flight. The Falash Mura, Ethiopians who claim family links to descendants of Ethiopian Jews who converted to Christianity generations ago, arrived Monday and Tuesday on Ethiopian Air Lines charter flights. They are the first Ethiopian immigrants to arrive in Israel since November because of an aviation dispute between Israel and Ethiopia. Israel\'s Cabinet in November approved a plan to bring about 8,000 more Ethiopians to Israel over the next four years.

1,000 new immigrants set to arrive in Israel

The final 1,000 new immigrants for 2010 are arriving in Israel.

Israel begins building barrier on Egyptian border

Israel began construction of a barrier along its border with Egypt.

Photo exhibition reveals challenges, dreams of teen immigrants

\"In my country, it was always war. I saw people dying. I saw people without arms, eyes, hands -- without heads,\" Mustafa said. \"We finally got away, but I was upset.\"

Final aliyah flight leaves Ethiopia for Israel, U.S. revokes Fulbright winners’ visas

The last official airlift of Ethiopian Jews was scheduled to land in Tel Aviv tonight, bringing to an end a state-organized campaign that began nearly 30 years ago and brought in some 120,000 immigrants from the east African nation

The transformation of Israeli food — from falafel to fennel

The 60th anniversary of the State of Israel is a good time to reflect on how this young country has progressed during its mere six decades of existence. Its economic growth, its leading role in technological advances and its presence in world affairs are all impressive, but most notable to me is the transformation of Israeli food from mundane and unknown to cutting edge and creative. Modern-day Israeli cuisine reflects ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.

L.A.’s German Jews celebrate club’s 75th year

By 1939 some 2,500 German Jews had relocated to Los Angeles, and by 1941, when the United States entered the war, their number had grown to 6,000, making Los Angeles the second-largest center of German-speaking Jews in America. As the German Jews made connections with the L.A. Jewish community, two immigrant businessmen came together to form The German Jewish Club of 1933.

‘Emerald Isle’ beckons Jews

There is a saying that in Ireland there are no strangers, only friends you haven\'t met yet. On our visit we experienced a tangible expression of this in Kenmare, where perfect strangers went out of their way to help us get our laundry done and then volunteered to drive us back to our hotel when we couldn\'t find a taxi.

Briefs: More Ethiopians allowed to make aliyah, Jerusalem stage for Anglican ‘schism’

Israel may allow 1,400 additional Ethiopian Falash Mura to immigrate to Israel.

Ethiopian advocates push for 8,500 more olim

With Israel's Interior Ministry on the verge of bringing its Ethiopian aliyah operation to a close, a coalition of Ethiopian advocacy groups is pressing...

KCRW’s gift — five days of ‘Only in America’ Jewish history

For a certain nostalgic segment of the Jewish community, Chanukah wasn\'t official until KCRW-FM general manager Ruth Seymour narrated her lively \"Philosophers, Fiddlers and Fools\" program at this time of the year. This noble tradition has now come to an end, but KCRW (89.9) has come up with a worthy replacement in \"Only in America,\" which will air over five days in one-hour segments, Dec. 3-7 at 2 p.m.\n

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Critics Say Netflix Series ‘the Umbrella Academy’ Promotes Anti-Semitic Stereotype Through Yiddish Scene

The scene shows lizard people controlling the world and their handler speaking Yiddish.

Tel Aviv City Hall Lights Up as Lebanese Flag to Show Solidarity Following Beirut Explosions

"Our hearts and thoughts are with the Lebanese people and all those affected by the terrible disaster in #Beirut."

Front Window of New Mexico Holocaust Museum, Featuring Photo of Civil Rights March, Smashed by Vandal

The head of the museum says the vandalism shows "why it’s necessary to have this museum."

Rashida Tlaib, Who Supports Israel Boycott, Wins Michigan Democratic Primary

Another BDS supporter, Cori Bush, won her primary the same night.