Wednesday, August 12, 2020



Brexit in Bali

It’s not the JFK assassination or 9/11, but even so, I’ll never forget where I was when I first read about Brexit.

Globalization of Hope

The Building of the Tower of Babel Today

Messages of Meaning on Rosh Hashanah

Southern California rabbis used their Rosh Hashanah pulpits to speak on globalization, Africa\'s drought-ridden refugees and America\'s hurricane-drenched evacuees as well as Israel\'s Gaza pullout.

A Stand for Darfur

Don\'t throw away the newspaper! Newspapers are the day-to-day records of history. Judaism has a passion for meaning. Events have meaning.

Clinton Talks at UJ Series

Community Briefs.

Latest news

Community Responds to Kamala Harris as Biden’s Vice Presidential Pick

"The Biden-Harris administration represents a new day for America and I am inspired to make that a reality."

Anti-Semitic Note Reportedly Left on N.Y. Assemblymember’s Vandalized Office

Democratic Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright said she "will never be intimidated by this criminal act."

Facebook Says It Is Updating Hate Speech Policies to Include ‘Stereotypes About Jewish People Controlling the World’

"We also continued to prioritize the removal of content that violates our policy against hate groups."