Sunday, January 24, 2021



Spiritually Found Among the Surf

Standing on a surfboard for the first time, it felt as if time stood still. I can recall the palm trees on the shore, the dusty blue of the island\'s silhouette in the distance to my left, and my teacher afloat on his board to my right. That first, miraculous ride seemed to last forever. In one unforgettable moment, every stray thought inside me was quieted, pushed aside. All I knew was a sense of harmony between myself, the board and the wave. The water must have been slapping on the sand and the birds must have been chirping, but I heard absolutely nothing. A complete and total silence enveloped me and carried me closer and closer to shore, until the board stopped and I fell. The moment was gone.

Oh So Sorry

I\'m sorry I haven\'t eaten more hot dogs. Saturday is Selichot, the time when the whole Jewish world sings with Connie Francis, \"I\'m sorry,\" and vows to do better next time. Many of us are focused on the wrongs we\'ve done to others, or even to God.

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