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Episode 183: The Israeli World Champion of Debate

Jews have always loved a good argument. From the oral teachings to the Talmud, the culture of arguing, making a point and then a...

Rep. Wasserman Schultz Praises Warren, Harris in Democratic Debates

Addressing Jewish Democrats, U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) praised the performances of Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren in the first Democratic presidential...

Club Z Challenges IfNotNow to Debate on Israel

Club Z has challenged the progressive activist group IfNotNow group to a debate on Israel and the what Club Z says are the “publicity...

The Supreme Court Needs Urgent Reform

Israel’s Supreme Court is the most powerful court in the free world. Its supporters say that it looks out for the little guy, but...

The Supreme Court Is Not a Pressing Problem

Israel’s Supreme Court is a problematic institution whose problem begins with denial: It denies the obvious fact that many of its decisions are ideologically...

Diversity in Pro-Life Movement is Richer Than Ever

Two days after the Jan. 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade decision was handed down by the Supreme Court, the editorial page of The New York Times —...

War at the Book Club

At a recent meeting of our book club, we were discussing a novel about a self-loathing comedian when the conversation veered into politics. The...

It Was A Fraud From the Start. It’s Time to Decertify It.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President George W. Bush discussed both regime change for the Republic of Iran and the pre-emption of its nuclear program. By...

Decertifying Would Not Increase U.S. Leverage

It is no secret that President Donald Trump does not like the Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). He has twice...

Trump wins first debate

Apparently pretty much everyone I know is a bed-wetter.

Donald Trump: Debating trailing Bernie Sanders would be ‘inappropriate’

Donald Trump said he would not debate Bernie Sanders because it would be “inappropriate” in light of Sanders trailing Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary fight.

Trump warns of riots, pulls plug on Republican presidential debate

Republican front-runner Donald Trump warned on Wednesday of riots if he is denied the party\'s presidential nomination and pulled the plug on a scheduled debate among candidates, raising the temperature even more in a heated White House race.

Clinton, Sanders clash over trade and auto bailout in Michigan debate

Democratic presidential contenders Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton clashed angrily over trade...

Trump will ‘definitely not’ participate in Thursday Fox debate

Donald Trump will \"definitely not\" participate in Thursday\'s Fox News U.S. Republican presidential debate, Trump\'s campaign manager told the Washington Post.

GOP debate analysis: Rubio earns top spot

Republican presidential candidates showed up on Wednesday to yet another audition in front of millions of Americans as they were supposed to debate each other and present their vision for the future in constricted soundbites for the third GOP debate on CNBC.

Clinton tacks to the left ahead of Democratic debate

Hillary Clinton has veered hard to the left ahead of Tuesday\'s first Democratic presidential debate, hoping to inoculate herself from criticism by rival Bernie Sanders and woo the union members and liberal activists who have been slow to embrace her.

Iran deal debate rages on throughout L.A.

Activist Sam Yebri and USC lecturer Josh Lockman have read every page of the controversial Iran deal, but they’ve come to very different conclusions.

Trump draws boos as he bristles at ‘war on women’ question

White House contender Donald Trump, known for his inflammatory rhetoric, reacted with pique at a Republican presidential debate on Thursday when asked about his past comments calling women \"fat pigs,\" \"dogs,\" \"slobs\" and \"disgusting animals.\"

Iran: What Now? A Panel Discussion on the Nuclear Deal

The Jewish Journal held a debate on the Iran nuclear deal on Aug. 2, 2015.

Israel needs fans, not cheerleaders

As the New England Patriots qualified for yet another Super Bowl, my thoughts went to my late father-in-law, Harvey Kirstein, z”l, a huge fan of the team and season-ticket holder who died tragically before they became successful and never saw any of their triumphs.

J Street, StandWithUs debate best way to support Israel

Representatives of StandWithUs (SWU) and J Street — two Jewish organizations with very different takes on Israel — faced off Jan. 13 in a debate on why their respective group is a better friend to the Jewish state.

The Ferocious Battles for Israel on Western Campuses

The Jewish State is fighting wars for its very survival against barbarous, genocidal foes like Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. But far outside the Middle East ferocious battles are being fought on the campuses of the world’s great Universities for Israel’s reputation and good name.

Sotloff family mourns, challenges Islamic State leader to Koran debate

The spokesman for the family of murdered Jewish-American journalist Steven Sotloff challenged the leader of the ISIS jihadist group to debate the peaceful teachings of the Koran

A community of arguers

Jewish day schools have a curious relationship with speech and debate programs. Argumentation is central to the Jewish tradition and to enduring stereotypes of the Jewish people — two Jews, three opinions — but speech and debate as an extracurricular activity has not been universally embraced across campuses.

Front-runners differ in county supervisor debate

Four candidates for the 3rd District seat of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors — Bobby Shriver, Sheila Kuehl, John Duran and Pamela Conley Ulich — sat on the bimah at Temple Israel of Hollywood (TIOH) on the evening of April 6, grappling with the many challenges facing the county, from how to reform the sheriff’s department to how to increase support for the arts, and more.

The debate of the year: David Suissa vs. Peter Beinart

Jewish Journal President David Suissa debates political author Peter Beinart spar about Israel in the debate of the year.\n\nModerated by Sinai Temple\'s Rabbi David Wolpe.

Beinart, Suissa face off on Israel

Peter Beinart is no stranger to the accusation that for a self-proclaimed passionate supporter of Israel, he treats the Jewish state too harshly.

The Conservative gay marriage debate

On Rosh Hashanah in 1992, Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis stood before his Conservative congregation at Valley Beth Shalom (VBS) in Encino and declared that despite the words of Leviticus, homosexuality is not an abomination. He argued that the same understanding and compassion Jews afford all human beings should be extended to those attracted to others of their own sex, and he told his congregation:

J Street, StandWithUs heads tangle at Temple Isaiah

These are tough times for people hoping for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mayoral debate at Beth Jacob

On Jan. 3, in the first mayoral debate of 2013, Congregation Beth Jacob hosted five candidates seeking to become the next mayor of Los Angeles.

Latest news

AOC Withdraws From Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Event Following Pro-Palestinian Criticism

The event will be held in October by Americans for Peace Now.

Report Highlights Anti-Semitism in Qatari Textbooks

One textbook called Zionism "a radical racist political movement."

Friend of Anne Frank Lays First Stone of Amsterdam’s Newest Holocaust Monument

"I’m satisfied that it’s finally happening," she said.

Abbas Criticizes Peace Deals, Calls for U.N. to Resolve Israel-Palestinian Conflict

“The only way to a comprehensive and just peace is the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders.”