Thursday, September 24, 2020



Tel Aviv – New York – Berlin: Three Businesses on Staying Alive During COVID-19

Three restaurant owners from three different countries have each found a way to cope with the current situation that this crisis has dealt them.

The Business Development Guru Combining Wellness and Technology

Galit Horovitz is putting the combination of wellness and technology (welltech) on the map. Literally. Together with her co-founders — Amir Alroy, Ramy Shvarts...

Why Israeli Chutzpah Matters in Business 

No matter how many times I tried, I kept getting brushed off. I was trying to pitch my company’s software to a large US-based...

Living A Life Filled With Passion and Abundance With Kathryn Roberts

If you’re feeling stuck in your 9-5 job and dreaming about living life on your own terms, Kathryn Roberts is here to help. As...

Laughter Is Serious Business

As a kid, I wanted to be Erma Bombeck when I grew up. With book titles such as “If Life Is a Bowl of...

MIXing It Up at Milken Middle School

“At the core of a Jewish education and identity is the development of a curious mind.”  So said Milken Middle School Assistant Principal Chris Scarlata,...

Author, Entrepreneur Marci Zaroff on “ECOrenaissance,” and Living a Sustainable Life

Marci Zaroff is an internationally-recognized ECOlifestyle expert, educator, innovator and serial ecopreneur. Beyond being the founder/CEO of leading sustainable fashion manufacturer MetaWear and the...

Finance: One of the Worst Jewish Stereotypes

The idea that Jews are innately good with money is among the oldest Jewish stereotypes, one that continues to impact perceptions of Jews today....

Running An Online Business From Your Smartphone

Everyone was excited when tablets burst onto the scene, but they’re becoming less popular now. It’s because you’ll be able to run your business...

Are You Ready to Meet Daymond John in LA? RISE and GRIND!

I cannot wait to meet Daymond John on Monday, January 29, 2018 at 8pm at LiveTalks. Did you get your ticket yet? He is...

How Israel Is Setting the Pace in Global Sustainable Business Advances

At a recent conference held in Tel Aviv, several Israeli corporations gave presentations on the future of sustainability throughout the public, corporate, and private...

How to Get Your Bootstrapped Business Off the Ground Fast

If you look at the job market right now it’s scary. Far too many people are struggling to find work. Even if they pick...

Does it Make Sense to Finance Your Business With a Personal Loan?

If you start investing in your business, you can get some really good results. You get to afford more equipment, you can spend money...

5 Reasons Why You Can and Should Start Your Own Business

The fear of uncertainty or sometimes the statistic that four out of every five businesses fail in five years is what holds many back...

Top 4 Reasons to Provide Health Benefits to Your Employees

Business owners understand the importance of hiring the right people for their operations. One of the ways that you attract attention from the right...

4 Practical Things You Can Do During a Business Jet Charter Flight

There is a time when taking a commercial flight for a business appointment just won’t do. The client wants to see you face to...

5 Great Ideas for Using the Money from a Merchant Cash Advance

You have some ideas for taking your company to the next level, but an infusion of cash is needed. You could look into options...

5 Recent Technology Updates that Could Affect Your Business

There is no question that in this day and age technology and business go hand and hand, which is why it is important for...

5 Inexpensive Ways To Help You Fund A Brand New Business

Everyone knows jobs are less secure now than they've ever been before. In a few years, most of them will be replaced by robots....

HR Done Right: Understanding Your Business’s HR Functions

Employees are always a company’s biggest assets. The growth of your business depends on the effectiveness of your employees, as well as your company’s...

Challah Hub seizes opportunities

Why have plain old challah on Shabbat when you could enjoy braided bread in a variety of fun flavors: mint chocolate chip, s’mores, pumpkin white chocolate chip, lavender chocolate or “challahpeno” cheese?

As London prices climb, Manchester beckons Jews from far and near

When Yitzchak Horwitz’s family opened one of the first Jewish businesses in this leafy suburb of Manchester — a bookstore that also sold Judaica items — it served a small Jewish community that had only recently moved there from the downtown area.

YULA grad pioneers new way to move money to Israel

Joseph Sokol is used to reactions of disbelief when he sits down with technology industry bigwigs to pitch his startup, OlehPay, a payments website that enables users to inexpensively transfer dollars to Israeli bank accounts in the form of shekels.

Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s richest member of the tribe

Mark Zuckerberg is the sixth richest person in the world, and the richest Jew, after accumulating more wealth than anyone else in the past year.

A millennial in the modern business world

While still in her 20s, L.A. native Elana Joelle Hendler had already fulfilled one of her dreams: She created a successful luxury lifestyle business, EJH Brands, based on her artwork.

Sassy shirts fit Jewish hipsters to a ‘T’

Shiran Teitelbaum was out running errands recently when a random guy stopped her.

Krazy for Kosher Kurls

Davida Lampkin Tydings knows hair.

Gene Simmons: Rock god turned business tycoon

Gene Simmons has made a career out of doing a lot with a little.

A realtor with Knack

Sharona Alperin “sold” her first home while still in her late teens. At the time, Alperin was several years away from gaining her Realtor’s license, and both the circumstances and the client were a bit unique.

Is Israel pulling down the shutters for business?

High-tech entrepreneur Eyal Waldman decided he had had enough of Israeli investors when they told him to choose between his titles of chairman and chief executive at the company he co-founded, Mellanox Technologies.

Latest news

Jewish MSNBC Commentator: ‘What Is the Difference Between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump?’

"I’m not saying there’s a Holocaust, but when you look at the tactics, that is where we are right now.”

NYC’s Jewish Museum to Reopen Oct. 1 Following 6-Month Closure Due to Coronavirus

(JTA) — The Jewish Museum in New York City said it will reopen on Oct. 1, more than six months after it closed due...

Facebook, YouTube Shut Down SFSU Leila Khaled Event

A day earlier, Zoom said its platform couldn't be used for the event.

UN Ambassador Says Another Peace Agreement With Arab Nation Is Coming in ‘Next Day or Two’

She also said that "others are going to be following.”

Rabbi Takes on L.A. County Over High Holy Days

The county had implemented a coronavirus health order that specifically called out having dinner with extended family and friends “to honor the high holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur).”