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Facetime Activities for Jewish Grandparents

Many of our richest childhood memories are of celebrating Jewish holidays at our grandparents’ homes. Bubbe and Zayde would set their table for Shabbat...

An Ode to ‘Mommy Camp’

Ask children, “When is the best day of the year?” and they may respond excitedly, “The last day of school.” Ask mothers the same question,...

Fun & Games: People Need a De-Stressing Tool Now More Than Ever

Relaxation and peace have never been more needed than now. There are a lot of factors stressing Canadians, and sometimes there is nothing that...

When choosing a sleep-away camp, ask (lots of) questions

Sleep-away camp is a rite of passage.

Calendar Picks and Clicks: May 4-10, 2013

America’s largest community service festival, which started in 1999 as Temple Israel of Hollywood Mitzvah Day, attracts nearly 50,000 people from every neighborhood, race, religion, ethnicity and socioeconomic group to hundreds of projects in communities across Southern California. Volunteer projects include such activities as planting gardens at schools, fixing up homeless shelters and sprucing up dog parks. Big Sunday Weekend also features concerts, book fairs and blood drives. Fri. Through May 5. Various times. Free. Various locations. (323) 549-9944.

Aging Creatively

As my friends and I navigate our 60s and 70s, we notice — with amusement and consternation — how our conversations have changed. Instead of talking about our kids’ college applications and the best camping sites, we find ourselves discussing back pain and long-term care insurance. The bottom-line concern, of course, is how to create the best quality of life as we age.

Calendar Picks and Clicks: Nov. 11-19, 2010

Chasidic pop star Matisyahu, best known for his hit “King Without a Crown,” blends reggae with Middle Eastern rhythms and American pop, conjuring up a fresh medley of unique and powerful beats. Sat. 8 p.m. $25-$45. The Luckman Fine Arts Complex, 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles. (323) 343-6610.

Calendar Girls Picks and Clicks Dec. 13- 19: Chanukah, Heeb, Israel, Yiddish

SAT | DECEMBER 13 (ISRAEL) If you lost your brother in combat, would you enlist in the army? If your father was killed on the battlefield,...

Keep the youngest wedding guests happy — and keep your sanity

Fortunately, it\'s perfectly possible to welcome children at your wedding without compromising the sanctity of the event or the sanity of any involved parties.

A down-home way to treasure that special day

Consider orchestrating a Bar Mitzvah Treasure Hunt that you can host in your backyard, throughout your house or even in a hall rented for the occasion.

frdy nt efis

Rabbi Effie\'s specialty is dealing with teenagers. On this night, a happy group of teens is buzzing throughout his modest but welcoming home, and they are filling its many \"play areas.\"

Affordable winter escapes are but a snowball’s throw away

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it\'s time to do a little carving -- and we\'re not talking brisket.

‘Moishe Houses’ provide post-Hillel hangout for 20-somethings

Say you\'re a few years out of college, living with friends and working in a low-paying job for some do-good organization. You don\'t go to synagogue, but you miss the camaraderie of your college Hillel, and you like to invite people over for Shabbat meals. Imagine if someone was willing to pay you to keep doing it?

Class Notes

New Yeshiva Flying SCY High Founding board members of the new Southern California Yeshiva High School (SCY High) for boys in La Jolla knew that...

$61.8 Billion

Each year, The Los Angeles Business Journal uses legwork and a little guesswork to discern who\'s worth the most in Los Angeles. Once the list comes out, as it did this week, I like to run it through the old \"Who\'s a Jew?\" detector.

PASSOVER: The 11th Plague: Boredom

Not all seders are sit-down affairs. When \"Dayenu\" begins at the home of Simone Shenassa of West Orange, N.J., everyone takes bunches of scallions and hits everyone else, to imitate the whipping of the slaves.

7 Days in The Arts

Hollywood Fight Club\'s current production \"A Lively ... and Deathly Evening With Woody Allen\" brings to the stage three written works by the Neurotic One. Woody Allen\'s \"God,\" \"Death Knocks\" and \"Mr. Big\" all deal with existential dilemmas as only Allen can. Jewish school spirit can be found in abundance on the USC campus this weekend. The Jewish Student Film Festival has coordinated a weekend of Jewish activities, which culminates in today\'s film fest. Friday evening, attend Shabbat services at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion followed by Shabbat dinner at USC Hillel; Saturday, attend \"Jewzika: A Night of Jewish Musicians\" featuring Dov Kogen and the Hidden, SoCalled and the Moshav Band.

Pupils Vote Yes on Democratic School

The Hadera Democratic School, which receives funding from both public and private sources, was the first of its kind in Israel. Since its founding in 1987 in this city about 60 kilometers north of Tel Aviv, 23 other schools have opened around the country based on its model of democratic education, in which student participation and choice is emphasized.

Big Sunday Gets Big Boost From City

Corporate, private and organizational donors underwrite the day, including Temple Israel. The budget this year is $450,000. The city\'s participation will include providing security, busing and street closures. Additional donors are both welcomed and needed, Levinson said.

Where the Boys Aren’t

\"Looking at what\'s happening locally and nationally, we\'ve found that fewer teen boys enroll in informal Jewish activities than they did in previous years,\" said Lori Harrison Port, senior associate director for planning and allocations at The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

Abramoff Linked to Jewish Ventures

Specifically, Abramoff allegedly using money from a Washington charity he oversaw to fund military-style programs in the West Bank. Indian tribes donated money to tax-exempt charities, believing they were supporting anti-gambling foundations, but the money was redirected to help a \"sniper school\" in the West Bank, operated by a friend of Abramoff.

L.A. Enters the Season of Mitzvot

This year, traditional Christmas Day volunteering is being spread out across December. The shul\'s ATID young adult leadership group\'s annual Dec. 25 Mitzvah Day is being merged with templewide volunteering on Dec. 18, the formal start of Sinai\'s yearlong centennial anniversary.

Agencies Join to Aid Special-Needs Kids

In November, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles brought together seven other agencies, including, the Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Los Angeles, the Jewish Free Loan Association and Etta Israel Center, to create Hamercaz, a central resource for Jewish families raising special-needs children under 22.

Families, Singles Get Ready to Set Sail

The leaves have turned, the days are shorter and Chanukah, the holiday of lights, glimmers ahead. With the winter looming, juicy possibilities await, with plenty of exotic, warm weather options. So go ahead and plan your first big escape of 2006. Or surprise a loved one by booking a post-Chanukah adventure. This might just be the trip of a lifetime.

Choose Your Own Cruise Adventure

Cruising isn\'t what it used to be. And to the more than 10 million people who took to the high seas last year, that\'s a good thing.

A Face in the Internet Crowd

As soon as incoming freshman Chana Ickowitz received her UC Berkeley e-mail address, she registered on the online directory facebook.com. There, on her personal profile, she described herself as someone with moderate political views who likes sushi, rainy days, Urban Outfitters and \"Jane Eyre\" ... and who is a member of a group called Jew Crew.

Hillel Readies Plan of Attraction

It was in the summer of 2004 that Hillel began work on a five-year plan to attract the two-thirds of Jewish college students who say they don\'t go to Hillel activities. That troubling statistic has been one of the most talked-about findings from the 2000-2001 National Jewish Population Survey (NJPS).

Latest news

Israelis Brace for High Holidays in Shadow of Second Lockdown

The Ministry of Health says 5,238 new cases have been confirmed between Thursday and Friday, setting yet another negative record. Restriction on movement is somewhat relaxed from 500 yards from one's home to 1,000 yards.

A Tale of Two High Holidays: Why Orthodox Jews Are Going to Synagogue While Everyone Else Is on Zoom

(JTA) – At the Jewish Center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, this year’s High Holidays will be anything but normal. With eight services happening in various...

Remembering the Life and Work of the Woman who Championed Women’s Rights: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"Our Nation has lost a jurist of historic stature. We at the Supreme Court have lost a cherished colleague.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies At 87

She died from complications of metastatic pancreatic cancer.

3 Holocaust Monuments Vandalized With Swastikas in Ukraine and Russia

Police are investigating the instances of vandalism.