December 11, 2018

Why Israel’s right is trying to annoy the media

From time to time, I’ll post links to articles that I occasionally write for other venues. Yesterday, one such article was published in the International Herald Tribune / New York Times. It deals with Israel’s recent controversial libel law, and the motivations behind it. You can read two paragraphs here:

Israel’s Parliament has recently gone through much bustle to change the way the country is governed. Its governing right-wing coalition has introduced bills to limit the power of Israel’s Supreme Court (which is seen as too liberal and too activist), restrain leftist nongovernmental organizations (partly by reducing foreign donations) and rein in academics (at least those who are said to damage Israel’s image abroad).

Young and restless members of the right have entered this fray with both the eagerness of the newly powerful and the vindictive frustration of the still-marginalized. One of Israel’s many ironies is that while the right has dominated the country’s politics for more than two decades, its members have yet to find peace of mind. That’s why they keep pricking the guardians, real or imagined, of the fortresses of the dwindling left, the mainstream media included.

If you want to read the article in full, do it here.