November 17, 2018

So You Are Psychic. Now What?

Some people ask “how do I increase my psychic ability?” The Kabbalists warned strongly against opening up your intuition, or Third Eye. Extreme dangers exist when going into psychic realms without a master teacher, strong protection or Divine permission.

Most people ignore this warning and pay the price, myself included. Imagine switching on a TV channel…and then not being able to turn it off or control the volume. At first it is fun but then it becomes awful. This is just one example of what can happen when you open channels without protection.

There is a curious Biblical warning: if you meet a high-level psychic who predicts something that comes true, but they tell you to veer from the path of Oneness and Unity, you should ignore them – “If there will arise among you a prophet or a dreamer of a dream, and he gives you a sign or a marvel, and the sign of the marvel of which he spoke to you takes place, and says “Let us go after other deities”….You must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreamer of a dream”. (Deut. 13:2-4)

We are not to fall for intuitive party tricks, nor use our abilities for selfish purposes.

What about your intuition? There is the famous Talmudic tale of four rabbis who enter an Orchard (“Pardes”). One dies, one goes mad, one becomes a heretic and one – Rabbi Akiva – steps out in peace (BT Hagigah 14b)*. Based on these stats, psychic adventures have a one in four chance of success.

We are told “Moses’..eye never dimmed” (Deut 34:7). Why not ‘eyes’? Perhaps this referred to his Third Eye, e.g. the seat of intuitive ability. Meanwhile his antithesis, the evil-but-equally-powerful prophet Bilaam, is described as “the man with the open eye” (Numbers 24:15). Could this be more obvious? The name of this week’s Torah reading is “Re’eh” which means ‘see’. The French word for Clear Vision is clairvoyance. See?

Ok. So you are psychic. Now what? Maybe you hear things (clairaudient), maybe you feel other people’s emotions (clairsentient), maybe you see things (clairvoyant). Perhaps you see dead people, or know how to heal others with your thoughts. You have an ability but the question is How Are You Going To Use It? How are you going to live in this realm? Right now you are in an earth-body with earth-responsibilities. Keep on raising your consciousness and elevating your thoughts. In the meantime, step outside, breathe some fresh air and help make this world a great place to be in.