November 20, 2018

Greediness and political mayhem. Reading list



Not wanting to burden you with too much to read – here’s a short guide to some of my other writings.


Today at the ” target=”_blank”>he was given? Few Israelis would say no to such gifts. Employing dozens of police officers and lawyers to figure out whether a disreputable agreement between a newspaper publisher and a prime minister is illegal? Few Israelis have illusions about either their press or their prime minister. We know that there are deals. Greediness is not a great quality, but a pinch of it does not justify the political mayhem that the recent investigations have been causing.


In “>Israel’s Poll tracker was updated with some of the latest polls.


Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party continues to show impressive poll numbers, consistently receiving more votes than PM Netanyahu's Likud – 27 to 22 in the latest poll. This still doesn't mean that Lapid, who has shaky relations with the ultra-Orthodox parties, could ever manage to form a coalition.