Rosner's Domain

Was the Bennett-Lapid Government a Failure?

A government that lasts only one year should be a failure…unless that government achieved something highly beneficial and irreversible.

Rosner’s Domain: Should Women Serve in Israeli Elite Units?

There is a lot of talk in Israel these days about letting female soldiers serve in combat units.

Rosner’s Domain: Must Israel Be Moral?

New data from the PEW Research Center confirm the persistence of trends that have been previously identified in Americans' attitudes toward Israel.

Rosner’s Domain: Can Israel Win Over the Young?

New data from the PEW Research Center confirm the persistence of trends that have been previously identified in Americans' attitudes toward Israel.

Are Soldiers Still Sacred?

The main argument against the opposition is substantive: If you support the troops, why would you vote against the bill?

Who Killed Shireen Abu Akleh?

Her death is a tragedy. The story of her post-death is a farce.

Rosner’s Domain: The Coalition of Postponement

From Israel’s coalition point of view, the situation is clear: we must keep it going, for as long as possible.

Rosner’s Domain: To Share a Future, To Feel Close

Identification is required for survival. Without identification there is no society. Without a sense of togetherness there is no society. 

Rosner’s Domain: Ideology or Stability?

At the end of May 1904, Winston Churchill switched sides. He was elected conservative, then crossed the line to become a liberal.

Rosner’s Domain: A Passover Volcano

Maybe that’s the way the Temple Mount reminds us of its importance.

Rosner’s Domain: Will Netanyahu Win the Fifth Election?

Israel is in a political crisis – again.

Rosner’s Domain: Terrorism, Twenty Years Later

Twenty years have passed since Israel launched Defensive Shield — the military operation that turned the tide on the Second Intifada.

Rosner’s Domain: A First Negev Banquet

Ben-Gurion’s dream for the Negev, as a blooming desert, the one that Lapid wanted to emphasize as he gathered foreign leaders for a show of unity, is not yet fulfilled.

Rosner’s Domain: Zelensky and Kanievsky: Fearless Jews

They are two Jews with extraordinary stories, and on one Sunday they jointly captured the attention of Israelis.

Rosner’s Domain: Survival Kit: Coalition Tradeoffs

A recess for the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, is a recess for all of us.

Rosner’s Domain: Bennett the Peace-Maker?

Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, is a risk taker.

War in Ukraine: The View from Israel

This is a sad truth about the human condition in general, and the political arena is no exception: Ultimately, we are all alone.

Rosner’s Domain: The Other Iran-Strategy Also Doesn’t Work

Sometimes events are simply out of Israel’s control. We are probably getting closer to getting such a lesson on Iran.

Rosner’s Domain: A Land of the Young

You cannot understand Israel without recognizing that Israel is a country of children. A unique country in the Western world (if it really is a country of a Western world, which is another question), that is still a country of children.

Rosner’s Domain: Fear, Connection, Distance

Those who are not connected to the community also do not see the need for it.

Rosner’s Domain: Is Plea Bargain for Netanyahu Acceptable?

What is the purpose of a legal system? What does it exist for?

Rosner’s Domain: Should Arabs in Knesset Speak Hebrew?

So, is it polite to speak in the Knesset in Arabic, or Russian, or French, or Amharic, or any other language that not everyone understands?

Rosner’s Domain: High Noon: The Rabbi versus The Colonel

Israel’s Chief Rabbi, David Lau, wears a rabbinical hat, not a cowboy hat.

The Millions in the Middle

Jewish society in Israel is not a society of “tribes.” Repeat: not a society of “tribes.”

Rosner’s Domain: The Trump and Bibi Dance

Last week, an interview in which Trump bashed former Prime Minister Netanyahu was published in Israel and was quoted around the world.

Should We Bother with Tanach?

Does one need to study Tanach? That’s a strange question.

Rosner’s Domain: Is Hebron Above Controversy?

At the Cave of the Patriarchs, President Isaac Herzog made a bold statement.

Rosner’s Domain: With Iran There’s Never Just One Crisis

What does one do when a strategy fails to achieve its goals?

Rosner’s Domain: Is Eight Years Enough For a Leader?

Israel is making a significant constitutional change for no reason other than confusion and frustration.

“When the Budget Passes, Bibi Goes.” Really?

It is difficult to know what is going through the mind of a former prime minister who is expected to spend many more days as opposition leader, and perhaps as many as a defendant in a trial.

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