November 20, 2019

The Israel Factor 06.2012, Questionnaire

‎1. Please rate the following observations from1-5, with 1 being totally disagree and 5 totally agree:


The US is ‎going to stick to the sanctions + talks approach to Iran for at least few more months


The US will launch an attack on ‎Iran’s nuclear facilities before the November election


Israel can’t attack Iran’s nuclear facilities without American ‎consent


US policy ‎toward Syria is unlikely to change


The administration is losing patience with the Palestinian leadership


More Israelis would like Romney ‎to win the 2012 election


Obama is not getting enough credit from Israelis for his support and assistance


2. From 1 (bad for Israel) to 10 (good for Israel), please rank the following institutions:




J ‎Street


Democratic ‎Party


Republican ‎Party




The Obama ‎administration


‎3. Looking ahead for 2012, please rate the following presidential candidates on scale of 1 (bad for ‎Israel) to 10 (good for Israel):


Barack ‎Obama


Mitt ‎Romney