December 11, 2018

Israeli Love Letter to Germany – in German

Back in January I interviewed Andreas Boldt for He is one of the most outspoken and prominent activistis for Israel in Germany. From my <a href="

Andreas Boldt can’t help but effuse praise and love for Israel almost any chance he gets—even with his kids. In some of his Facebook posts, the 37-year-old has his blonde-haired children (ages 5-13) passionately singing <a href="
“>“Adon Olam” and <a href="
“>“Hatikvah.”….A casual observer might think he has some sort of irrational or religious obsession with Israel, but sitting down with Boldt over coffee at Kaffehaus Einstein in Berlin, ahead of his February trip—his sixth to the Jewish state—Boldt said his support for Israel is dictated entirely by reason and ethics.

He is the founder of the <a href="
“>Israel-German Friendship page on Facebook, and since my profile of himcame out (i<a href="
“>n German as well), we have followed each other's work. Just recently, he translated my <a href="
“>”Love Letter to Germany, from the Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors“. The comments I have received from Germans are very heartwarming, indicating that the seeds of a true Israel-German friendship and partnership exist, and that the two nations could fight darkness together. On his pages, the letter has received over 900 shares and likes. Here is the start of the <a href="
“>letter, in German:

Liebes Deutschland,

heute möchte ich dir meine Gefühle mitteilen, Gefühle die ich jetzt noch gar nicht so richtig verstehe, Gefühle die überhaupt nur wenige verstehen werden, Gefühle, von denen einige Freunde sagen werden, dass sie falsch seien und unsensibel – und, dass ich vielleicht einen Psychologen brauche.

And here are some of the comments I received, translated by me and Facebook:

Dear Orit, your words are really a balm. I feel very much obliged to the people of Israel. Yeah, so let this be a re-emergence of friendship between these two peoples, again. That is my prayer.

Only those who loves themselves, can also love others. Orit Arfa loves Israel and can therefore also love Germany. Many (especially the Left) hate Germany – that says it all. I love Germany and can therefore love Israel, too.

Wow what a wise woman… Such a beautiful woman. Thank you for your love for Germany. Thank you, you belong to us.

I think Germany could use some self-confidence right now, and it's easy to understand why they would make unwise, self-destructive decisions acting out of self-hatred and self-pity. If they need to hear from the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors that they are today a force for good and could be proud of what their country has become, I believe Germans will make better choices in the future and keep themselves (and me) safe. Viel Liebe!

Oh, and enjoy Boldt's five children:

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