January 19, 2019

Terror is the real Nakba

Palestinians consider the birth of the State of Israel a catastrophe, a “nakba.” It’s their Holocaust Day.

The two Palestinian terrorists who went on a rampage at the Sarona restaurant complex in Tel Aviv must surely consider Israel, and Tel Aviv, a catastrophe. The beaches, the night clubs, the museums, the hotels, the high tech vibe, the restaurant where they ordered brownies before murdering Jews– it’s all a catastrophe.

Palestinians are taught that the very existence of Israel is a catastrophe.

I wonder, though, what Yousef Jabarin thinks about Israel. He’s the Palestinian bartender from Umm al-Fahm who served the terrorists those brownies before they did their murderous act. Is the country that gave him his job a “catastrophe”?

I also wonder what Arab terrorists must think when they see fellow Arabs like Jabarin living freely in that “catastrophic” country called Israel. How dare you work for Jews? How dare you look so happy serving us those brownies?

When Palestinian terrorists come to Israel to murder Jews, they’re showing their hatred not just for Jews, but for what the Jews have built: A civil society where Israeli Arabs can work and live freely, where they have more rights, legal protections and economic opportunities than in any Arab country in the Middle East.

For any Arab who has been taught to hate Jews, the fact that Arabs are better off living in the Jewish state must be a real source of embarrassment.

It’s the catastrophe of humiliation.

This is what must drive the murderers nuts — the realization that for Arabs like Yousef Jabarin, Israel is not a nakba but a miracle.

It is Jew-hating terror that is the real nakba.