September 23, 2019

Letters to the editor: Lee Baca, Memorial Day, Trump and more

Political Cronyism

The issue is not why Congregation Bais Naftoli, an Orthodox synagogue, chose to honor ex-Sheriff Lee Baca at its annual event (“Ex-Sheriff Awaiting Sentencing Honored by Orthodox Congregation,” June 3). The real issue is political cronyism and why our elected political leaders still abide by the same “old-boy network” of political spoils and nest-feathering.

Former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who’s “secretly” exploring a run for governor, and Los Angeles Councilman Paul Koretz openly sitting at an event honoring a disgraced former sheriff (who resigned with federal charges pending) is political cronyism at its worst. Sheriff Baca lied to federal investigators about serious constitutional violations occurring on his watch at the county jails. That makes him a liar who may very well go to jail for his deception. Shame on our elected political leaders Koretz and Villaraigosa for turning a blind eye to Baca’s corruption and embracing his corrupt form of politics.

Michael Rubinstein, Beverly Hills

Bad Grammar? It Was for a Reason

That headline — “Who Do You Love?” (June 3) — made my eyeballs hurt! Oy!  How about, “Whom Do You Love?” Yes, please use the objective case. Would you write, “Do you love she?”  Or, “You do love I?” No. You would use the objective case. 

Judi Bloom via email

Editor’s note: We purposely used the familiar colloquial phrase to give impact to the headline.

Respect The Fallen in All Wars

Whether I agree or disagree with why a war is waged, the combatants in that war who died need to be remembered positively and unconditionally. “Greenberg’s View” (May 27) belittling the valiant efforts of those who gave their lives in the Iraq War, making their ultimate sacrifice secondary to other actions taken on behalf of this country, is simply unconscionable. If Greenberg wants to show his wit as to the matter, then he should use another subject as his launching pad, instead of stepping on those who served bravely and honorably. 

Gerry Burk via email

Looking Back on Memorial Day

I would like to commend Tom Tugend for his stirring piece “Looking Back at War on Memorial Day” (May 27) and for his service during World War II. He fills my Jewish heart with pride. Mr. Tugend was absolutely right when he eloquently opined that the most heroic among those of his generation were righteous gentiles who hid Jews from the Nazis at the probable cost of their own lives. 

Marc Yablonka, Burbank

Who’s for Trump?

I read Rob Eshman’s column “Trump and Israel” (May 13) and I was relieved. And then I read Dennis Prager’s endorsement of a vote for Trump “even if only to block a democratic win” and I was shocked (Where Do Jewish Conservatives Stand on Trump?” May 13). I find it incomprehensible that anyone who is aware of what happened when the Nazis came to power would endorse a candidate for “economic well-being or endorse a candidate for any reason — and I mean “any reason” — who speaks of mass transports of human beings as a part of the plan for his presidency! Have we forgotten that quickly?

Dagmar Moscowicz, Los Angeles

Sheldon Adelson and I grew up in the same Jewish neighborhood in Boston. I remember him well, and can readily understand his strong support of Israel. In those days, anti-Semitism was rampant: Kids from neighboring gentile areas often attacked us: police were openly anti-Semitic; and there were Jewish quotas in colleges. And so Adelson strongly advocates for the State of Israel.

While I would not like Trump as our president, I believe Rob Eshman is not being fair. Yes, Trump is crude in his working of his position as he calls for banning Muslims coming into the U.S., but Eshman overlooks that Trump added words to the effect that the ban would be only until each Muslim was checked out to ensure he was not a terrorist; and the Mexicans to which Trump object are the criminals seeking entry to the U.S.

Adelson, I believe, has chosen Trump because he trusts him more than he does Hillary, especially where Israel is concerned.

George Epstein, Los Angeles