September 22, 2019

Letters to the editor: Ted Cruz, Cologne and more Jewish L.A. options

Controversial Cruz

I am a senior and a U.S. Navy veteran and was born and raised in New York, in the city and in the Westchester suburbs. Shame on you for your comments about Jews believing in gay rights, abortions, gun controls climate change and environmental protection (“Cruz Control,” Jan. 22). You may believe in those things and that’s it. Cruz was right in saying that New York overall is a liberal bastion for Democrats, but it was not an anti-Jew remark. I am a Trump supporter and I didn’t take offense from it. The Jewish Journal should dump an empty suit like you.

Marvin Gordon, Peoria, Ariz.

Thanks very much for your article on Ted Cruz, and his anti-Semitic statement. Many of us said and feel what you stated when we heard him say it. Strong support for Israel does not ameliorate his anti-Jewish rhetoric; it merely illuminates the hypocrisy. 

Jack Newman via email

Cruz is playing into something that, unfortunately, is becoming once again more acceptable to spew out publicly — anti-Semitism. As to his “love” of Israel, some folks see it as important theologically, as a place where Christianity started, as a place to which all Jews should go so that the next stage of Christianity can begin and rapturing upward for the holy can take place. As to what Cruz really believes, who knows? However, he is allegedly very ambitious and very willing to use whatever (and probably whomever) to advance himself.

Janyce C. Katz via email

Cologne’s Day of Rage

I often find Dennis Prager’s columns to be illogical and wrong-headed, but his column on the Cologne rapes reaches new heights (“The Cologne Rapes and Our Culture of Denial,” Jan. 22). He asserts that “hundreds of German men don’t gather to do this (mass rapes)” because “they are the beneficiaries of Western Judeo-Christian and secular values relating to sexual conduct.” With this logic, I cannot imagine how he would explain the heinous rapes and other crimes committed by German men in the 20th century! Outrageous!

Debra Cohen, Los Angeles

‘Incompetent’ Tag on U.S. is Misguided

When Shmuel Rosner writes that the United States “managed to unify Israelis and Palestinians in thinking that this U.S. administration is incompetent,” he is evidently reflecting public opinion in Israel (“Ambassador Shapiro’s Mistake in Being ‘Correct,’ ” Jan. 22). Nevertheless, this view about incompetent Washington government should be challenged.

First, it seems strange that the United States, which provides more help to Israel and Palestine than any other country in the world, should be viewed as incompetent. I shudder to think how much more unstable would be the Israel-Palestine relationship if the U.S. decided not to help Israel and Palestine. Second, this view echoes Donald Trump’s charge that the American government is incompetent — that it does not have a clue about how to deal with its policy problems, and that we can and must make it competent by changing leaders. I wouldn’t put much reliance on that argument.

Barry H. Steiner, Professor of Political Science, CSU Long Beach

Could Jewish L.A. Be Even Cooler?

I looked forward with great anticipation to reading your article, “Why L.A. Is America’s Coolest Jewish City” (Jan. 15). I was frankly disappointed. Your piece did not reach out to a broad Jewish audience that would include secular Jews who are also proud of their cultural heritage. It failed to introduce us to the educational and philanthropic opportunities that are largely created and funded by Jews. And what about music, art, theater, architecture, science, medicine and business? And yes, I left out stand-up comedy. I think the idea is wonderful, but you have just scratched the surface of why L.A. is the Coolest Jewish City in America. 

Harry Wiland, Santa Monica

My wife and I are boomers, living in the Boston area and spending part of the year in L.A. to be near our son and his young family. Although I found the list very informative, most of the places identified for meeting people address the needs of the millennials. 

Gen Xers and boomers also need to meet new people, especially when they move to a new area and try to make new friends. The Israeli-American Council is a good one for me, as the IAC also exists in Boston. We are also looking for opportunities to get involved in other organizations as both of us are retired and wish to “give back” to the community.

Living in Boston, we have great bagels. We have found only mediocre samples around here. Can you identify some sources? Otherwise, my wife threatens to make her own.

Giora Hadar, Ph.D., Jamaica Plain, Mass.