November 15, 2019

Whoever Keeps Quiet Wins 2020

“Whoever can keep his trap shut in 2020 will win the White House. You just have to look at Joe Biden’s polling to see it.

Biden’s strategy is simple: Cut decent ads attacking Trump but not his supporters. Stay off the campaign trail as much as humanly possible.

It’s working because his competitors on both sides keep talking, and given the average IQ of the 2020 election, they keep saying moronic things.

This logic works for most of the Swamp battles Trump’s currently embroiled in. Omar and Tlaib will continue to pour out anti-Semitic slurs, and AOC will continue to Instagram live drivel. All he has to do is shut up, point at the Dow, and hug the flag (figuratively, although he’s fond of doing it literally as well).

Consider that Trump just successfully trolled Planned Parenthood into defunding itself. He’s also remade the federal judiciary, and in spite of his terrible trade war, his tax cuts have kept the economy roaring on. And none of these required a single tweet.

By every metric, Trump should win re-election. We’re in the longest bull market in history, balancing the lowest unemployment rate in half a century with limited inflation, avoiding new international duress while ameliorating much of the fracas in the Middle East, and Trump’s the incumbent candidate. He just has to know when to stop talking, and today’s gross remarks illustrate why.”

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