October 20, 2019

How to Become Famous on the Internet

“It’s humiliating to consider the things we know instead of the things we should know. I can’t tell you exactly how the Michigan Republicans are trying to illegally gerrymander their state, but I know why Lana Del Rey is angry on Twitter. So it goes: We want to be educated, conscientious, intellectually activated citizens, but occasionally (if not often) settle for the most fun thing in front of us, in order to avoid losing our minds under the burden of all there is to consider. You can call this self-care, but it’s better if you don’t.

So it’s with some knowledge of my own behavior that I understand why, of all current stories, the saga of Caroline Calloway has so fervently gripped people across the internet, or at least across a significant swath of East Coast-media (many of whom are my treasured peers), which tends to be parasitic towards stories about the internet on the internet because it means they never have to leave their seats. The abbreviated version: Calloway is a popular Instagram user who amassed a massive following around 2014, when she began posting rapturous, romantic dispatches about her art history studies at Cambridge and the attendant social experiences that were swiftly promoted by the platform’s algorithm. She signed a book deal for a proposed memoir, which mysteriously fell through shortly thereafter; she continued posting on Instagram to her still-present following, but came to more mainstream attention at the beginning of 2019, when she staged a series of “creativity workshops” that also fell through, outing her as a potential scammer in an era obsessed with them.

On her Instagram, she became increasingly obsessed with the negative media attention, frequently tagging journalists and Twitter users who’d written about her, funneling more attention to her because her behavior seemed so flagrantly gauche, and also because journalists and Twitter users simply love to be tagged. Finally, on Tuesday night, The Cut published a massive essay by Natalie Beach, a former friend of Calloway who says she was responsible for ghostwriting some of her material, that detailed their friendship and gave us the most behind-the-scenes look into the psyche of this seemingly unremarkable white woman who has nonetheless managed to capture the attention of at least hundreds.”

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