July 19, 2019

Yes, the Moon Landings Happened

“50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, humanity took our first footsteps on the surface of another world. With Neil Armstrong’s small step for a single man, humankind took a great leap forward into the space age, demonstrating our potential for reaching other planets and extending the reach of human civilization far beyond our Earthly bonds. Generations later, in 2019, we’re still dreaming of traveling to other planets and other solar systems throughout the galaxy.

Yet there are many who proudly declare that they don’t believe that human beings have ever left Earth. That NASA and the entire space program is nothing more than a ruse, a hoax, or a civilization-scale fraud. Like most people alive today, all six of humanity’s Moon landings occurred before I was born. Still, I’m 100% positive they really did occur, and we have overwhelming evidence to prove it right at our fingertips.

This iconic image, taken by Neil Armstrong, shows Buzz Aldrin planting the US flag on the Moon. Note the presence of footprints in the foreground. These (and other) astronaut footprints, believe it or not, are still visible today.
This iconic image, taken by Neil Armstrong, shows Buzz Aldrin planting the US flag on the Moon. Note the presence of footprints in the foreground. These (and other) astronaut footprints, believe it or not, are still visible today. NASA / APOLLO 11

1.) We can still see the evidence of the Apollo program on the Moon, even today. Here on Earth, marks that we make on our world are temporary. Footsteps in the sand disappear after mere hours at most, as the motions of Earth’s winds will erase any coherent patterns that we can make, and will rearrange any dunes on the same timescales. But on the Moon, there are no oceans, no atmosphere, and no forces to shift the particles that compose the lunar regiolith.

Whereas on Earth, we have an atmosphere, weather, liquid water, and living species, the Moon only has the occasional weak moonquake and the rare visit from an extraterrestrial impactor or, in the case of humanity, lander or visitor. If we truly did walk or land on the Moon, therefore, we’d expect that the evidence of our presence would still remain today.”

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