September 22, 2019

Heavy Taxes on the Rich Won't Save the Economy

“It has become a common feature for progressive politicians to propose fantastical trillion-dollar spending plans with straight faces and earn praise for their daring. This can be seen with the current Green Deal, or the Better Deal before this, or pretty much any idea put forth by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders.

It thus falls upon conservative commentators to point out just how expensive and ineffective these plans are. A Green Deal would cost trillions of dollars and hardly do anything for the environment but wreak havoc on the economy.

These politicians and their supporters respond that they will just tax the rich. They can stand to shed a few billion dollars for the greater good. A system with billionaires is immoral, according to Ocasio-Cortez. It would be like Robin Hood, robbing the rich (which curiously never includes millionaires like Sanders or Warren) in order to give to the poor for the sake of fairness.”

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