June 24, 2019

Why I Won't Be Voting for Bibi or Anyone Else

“A wise man told me that I was a perfectionist, but that politics is a choice between the lesser of two evils.

You could even see the anger in his eyes when he spoke. He brougjt to mind an episode in the series “Madam Secretary,” in which the lead character was furious at her daughter who had decided not to vote, and told her about all the people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of us living in a democracy and being able to participate in the election process.

Then I thought to myself whether it was possible to quantify the phrase “lesser evil” and see how great of a compromise I would have to make in order to choose one particular party.

So I went to a place where you can measure anything in this modern world, from the level of your education to which character in the series “Sex and the City” you are – I’m referring of course to the Internet. I went into one of these tests where you relate to your opinion on different issues, and the result is how much you agree with the agenda of a particular party. The best match I got, was 76 percent agreement with one of the parties, no matter what party it was.”

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