May 26, 2019

It Wasn't Trump Who Created the Antisemitic Atmosphere

“It was expected that Donald Trump’s political rivals would blame him for the Pittsburgh massacre, hard as it is to square this argument with plain common sense. No president has been more supportive of Israel than Trump. He has Jewish family members. Moreover, the murderer wasn’t one of his supporters.

And despite all this, we’re asked to believe that a neo-Nazi, who hates Trump precisely because of his ties to Jews, somehow acted in something like Trump’s spirit. Why? Because Trump created a “climate of hatred” toward migrants, and because Jews, according to the killer, support immigration. This is more than a slight stretch, and it gives the impression that those who advance this narrative are less concerned about the welfare of Jews than they are for bashing Trump.

The facts produced in support of this flimsy narrative were quickly shown to be just as flimsy. Jonathan Greenblatt, a former adviser to President Barack Obama and now the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, provided the golden piece of evidence that everyone rushed to quote: a 57 percent rise in the number of anti-Semitic “incidents” in 2017; that is, in Trump’s first year in office.”

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