August 19, 2019

The Case for a Weekday Wedding

“Enter the phrase weekday wedding into a Google search, and the always revealing “People also ask” feature will serve up an especially telling pair of questions. A hefty portion of people who Google for more information on getting married during the workweek seem to be wondering two things: Do people have weekday weddings? And is it okay to have one?

Apparently, more American couples than ever have decided the answers are yes and yes (or, at the very least, yes and “Well, we think so”). According to data from the 2018 Real Weddings study, conducted by the wedding-planning website The Knot, approximately one in five weddings has taken place on a Monday through Friday for the past seven years. Kristen Maxwell Cooper, the editor in chief of The Knot, believes weekday weddings—the whole-enchilada kinds of weddings, with a ceremony, dinner, and reception, but held on a weekday—are much more popular now than they were a decade or so ago. And despite what many assume, that’s not just because they’re cheaper (though frequently they are); American weddings are transforming to reflect the individual tastes of brides and grooms, and when they take place is just one variable that engaged couples today feel empowered to customize.

Elsewhere in the world, of course, getting married or attending a wedding on a weekday is perfectly unremarkable. Indian weddings, for example, are multiday celebrations and often take place on weekdays in addition to weekends, just by virtue of lasting upwards of two days; in Israel, weddings are casual weeknight events. American wedding norms, however, have historically favored the Saturday-afternoon wedding, with a reception to follow. (That is, for formal wedding celebrations; courthouse or city-hall weddings generally have to take place during the week, during regular office hours.)”

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