February 18, 2020

Jewish Teen Attacked, Called ‘Stupid Jew’ on London Bus

Photo from PxHere.

A 13-year-old Jewish boy was assaulted and called a “stupid Jew” while riding the bus in London on Jan. 5.

The Jewish Chronicle (JC) reports that an unidentified male punched the teenager in the stomach and said, “You stupid Jews think you own the world.” The Metropolitan Police told the JC that they are investigating the matter.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said in a statement to the JC, “This unprovoked racist assault is sickening. The vile individual who perpetrated this attack must be arrested and subjected to the full force of the law.”

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt similarly tweeted, “As #antiSemitism plagues our community in NY, we cannot forget that this is an international crisis. Yesterday, a 13 yr old was punched on a London bus in an #antiSemitic attack. No matter which side of the Atlantic it’s on, we must fight this scourge.”

On Dec. 6, a 36-year-old Jewish man was similarly punched and subjected to anti-Semitic verbal abuse on a London bus, according to the UK Independent. An unidentified male also attacked three Jewish children on a London bus on Nov. 24. 

The Community Security Trust, a British watchdog against anti-Semitism, released a report in August stating there were 892 anti-Semitic incidents recorded in Britain from January to June, a record high for the country.