March 31, 2020

Israeli Student Attacked on Paris Metro While Speaking Hebrew

Photo from Pixabay.

A 31-year-old Israeli student was assaulted on the Paris metro on Dec. 9 after he was heard speaking Hebrew.

The student, identified as Yogev B., was sending his father a voice message through WhatsApp when two men started harassing him. One of them repeatedly struck Yogev until he fainted.

Yogev was hospitalized with a bruised face and broken nose; he was later released and filed a police report.

“They attacked me only because they heard I’m Israeli,” Yogev told Ynet News.

The American Jewish Committee tweeted, “We pray for his recovery and urge French authorities to bring his attackers swiftly to justice.”

Former New York Democratic Assemblyman and Americans Against Antisemitism Chairman Dov Hikind tweeted, “Jews being attacked in Paris for being Jewish? Deja vu!”

Anti-Semitic incidents reported to the police increased from 311 in 2017 to 541 in 2018, according to the Times of Israel.