April 2, 2020

Jewish Man Thanks Muslim Woman for Calling Out Anti-Semitic Harassment on Metro

Photo from Max Pixel.

A Jewish man thanked a Muslim woman for intervening when a man was harassing him and his son.

In a Nov. 22 video, a man on the London Metro told a Jewish man and his son that they were part of the “Synagogue of Satan.” The Muslim woman, identified as Asma Shuweikh, interjected and told the man to relax and be mindful of the fact that there are children around.

A man has been arrested in connection to the incident.

The Jewish man, who didn’t want to be identified, said in a Campaign Against Antisemitism statement, “We are certain that without [Shuweikh’s] intervention and distraction, he would have continued his abuse which could have escalated to physical violence.”

Shuweikh told Jewish News that the Jewish man met with her for coffee on Nov. 25 and gave her flowers as a sign of gratitude.

“It was lovely,” Shuweikh said. “We’re going to keep in touch.”

Shuweikh told BBC Radio on Nov. 24, “When he started talking to the child I thought, ‘no, I have to say something’. As a mother of two, it’s appalling, I can’t sit back and watch that happen.”

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted, “Asma Shuweikh, the Muslim woman who intervened to defend this Jewish family from #antiSemitic abuse in London, is a hero. Thank you for your bravery, your ally-ship and for showing the power ordinary people have every day in defeating hate.”