November 12, 2019

Report: Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Nearly Doubled in Britain, Wales

Photo from Max Pixel.

A new report from the United Kingdom government’s Home Office concluded that anti-Semitic hate crimes have nearly doubled in a year in both Great Britain and Wales.

The report, released on Oct. 15, states that there were 1,326 reported instances of anti-Semitic hate crimes from April 2018 to March 2019; there were 672 instances over the same timeframe the year before, according to the Guardian. The 1,326 reported cases of anti-Semitism consisted of 18% of all hate crimes targeting religion. 

Overall, the Oct. 15 report found there were 5,680 reported instances of hate crimes targeting religions, with the most targeted being Muslims at 47%. There were 103, 379 total hate crimes recorded in the report, a 10% increase 94,121 the over the same timeframe the year before.

However, the Guardian noted that 70% of hate crimes go unreported, suggesting the Home Office is understating the number of hate crimes that occur in Great Britain and Wales.

“We are encouraged that more people are willing to report hate crime and that police continue to improve their response to victims,” a UK government spokesperson told the Guardian. “Partners across the criminal justice system, government and in the community are working hard to empower those affected and ensure perpetrators are punished.”

The Anti-Defamation League tweeted, “New report shows a rise in hate crimes in England & Wales, including a doubling of #antiSemitic hate crimes & 25% rise in attacks based on sexual orientation. As #hate continue to grow overseas, we stand with the Jewish communities & others being targeted.”