May 26, 2019

WATCH: 13-Year-Old Gaza Boy Reveals Hamas Torture

A 13-year-old Gazan boy explained in a clip released by Palestinian Media Watch how Hamas fighters subjected him to brutal torture for fighting with the son of a Hamas commander.

The boy, identified as Muhammad Adham Abu Anzah, said in the video as he wiped away with tears with his hand in a cast that the Hamas terrorists smacked him “with daggers and a whip” and “broke my finger.”

“When one finished or tired out, another came and continued to hit me with a belt,” Anzah said. “They broke iron on my neck. Six people – they continued to hit me until the police came.”

The police arrested Anzah and detained him until the police acquiesced to his father’s screaming demands to let him go.

“There is no need for this barbarity,” Anzah’s father said. “To torture him and hit him inside the mosque, to tie him up, to break sticks on him, and to hit him with chains, his soul was broken.”

Anzah’s father acknowledged they were taking a serious risk by speaking out, pointing out that his son has received death threats and that Hamas typically executes people who are critical of them, claiming that they are either prostitutes or Israeli collaborators. But the family felt like they had to speak out to raise awareness about Hamas beating a child.

“I implore the human rights organizations, the Arab states, and all organizations to stand with us,” Anzah’s father said.