November 21, 2018

Two Pro-Israel Activists Assaulted At Festival By Neo-Nazis

A couple of pro-Israel activists were assaulted by neo-Nazis at a Swedish festival on July 5 after the activists attempted to stop their demonstration.

The neo-Nazis, part of a group called the Nordic Resistance Movement, were outside a pavilion on Gotland and were going to adorn the Israeli flag with their banner. Christina Toledano Asbrink, who is part of the Israel-Sweden Friendship Association, tried to prevent the Nordic Resistance Movement, prompting the neo-Nazis to shake and shove her to the ground.

Israel-Sweden Friendship Association Secretary-General Stefan Dozzi rescued Toledano Asbrink from the neo-Nazis, who were trying to kick and attack her. Dozzi sustained light injuries from the attack.

“I’m so damn pissed and upset,” Toledano Asbrink told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. “But we will not be cowed into silence. We’re still here.”

No arrests have been made yet.

The festival was part of Almedalen Week, where various Swedes gather to discuss human rights and other political matters. The Israel-Sweden Friendship Association is a pro-Israel Christian organization.