April 2, 2020

Love- everyone wants it but not everyone does anything about it!

Lately I’ve been noticing just how different men and women truly are.  Yes, I know its a cliche and everyone throws it around, but nowadays I believe this to be more true than ever.

Let’s take men and women when it comes to relationships for example.  When a woman wants to find a partner in life, or simply start dating again after a divorce, or after becoming a widow – what does she do?  She researches all available online dating websites, traditional matchmakers and relationship gurus.  She takes amazing pictures of herself or enlists her friends to do it for her.  She starts working out, dieting and going to all the known singles hot spots.  A single woman on the prowl takes advantage of every avenue and potential meeting spot while looking her best.  This is even more true when women sign up for my services.  From the moment they come to me, they are eager and willing to listen to my advice, and start on the journey of finding a partner.  It’s inspiring and extremely rewarding for a Matchmaker.

On the other hand, what do single men do?  The exact opposite.  Don’t take this the wrong way, in no way am I bashing men!  I’m only stating the facts that I’ve been dealing with lately.  The single men I’ve met in the last couple years don’t necessarily like being single, yet they become accustom to their way of life and the daily grind.  They get up in the morning, they go to work (which ranges anywhere from eight to twelve hours per day) and throw themselves into the workload.  Most men tell me that there isn’t a moment in their day to think about how lonely they are, or how to change their situation.  Work becomes an obsession of sorts and a substitution for a relationship.  The amount of time and energy a single man puts into his career (and I’m talking about an individual with a fairly successful career), is the same amount that a typical woman puts into her career, kids and family combined.  I don’t want to generalize as all men being the same, however most men do need a push when it comes to getting out of their comfort zone, and finding a partner in life.  They definitely want to be in a relationship, but may not have the energy or desire to go out and meet people.

As much as most people hate being alone, rarely do you hear men complaining about it, unlike women.  Women complain and make plans to change their situation.  Men shut down, get used to their situation and stay complacent.  This is one of the reasons why I make an effort to approach men, since most of my male clients don’t take the initiative on their own, but I sure wish they would!  If you are a single man reading this, don’t waste more years being alone – do something about it.  There is always someone out there for everyone!  And if you are in the Los Angeles or Orange County, California area – contact me for Matchmaking and Dating Services.