February 20, 2020

This Village IS Helping

Rabbi Shim'on ben Pazi noted a contradiction: [B'reshis 1:16] says, “God made the two big luminaries” and “the big luminary… and the small luminary”.

God made the two great lights: the great light for ruling the day and the small light for ruling the night, as well as the stars.” (Gen. 1:16)

“The moon said to God: “Master of the world, is it possible for two kings to wear one crown?”


He told her: “Go diminish yourself.”

She told him: “Master of the world, because I said something proper to you I have to diminish myself?”

He told her: “Go and rule [=shine] by day and night. But

what is the value of this?” cried the moon.” The Talmud Bavli, Chulin 60:2



Don't Think the Sun didn't complain saying, “ONLY TWO? ONLY TWO SHARING THE CROWN? THERE SHOULD BE MANY, MAYBE ALL!”

The truth is, we need space to build a well, a space to wish and think from. Please look into this community and what they are doing. I am particularly interested in the building of a body of water in Israel modeled after that in Tamera, Portegal. 





Our vision
The vision of the Peace Research Village in the Middle East (PRV-ME) is to develop a model of living together that acts as a research tool for the study of peace. This model is carried by a committed core group of Israelis, Palestinians and internationals who put their lives in service of the idea that sustainable peace can be achieved only when it touches all aspects of life. The PRV-ME is part of an international network of peace communities that model cooperation between humans and nature to support the transformation towards a sustainable and peaceful world.

History of the project
The Peace Research Village project began focusing on Israel-Palestine as a direct response to the beginning of the second Intifada in 2000. Since then many peace camps and workshops have been held in Tamera (Portugal) in which Israelis and Palestinians gained knowledge and experience in outer and inner peace work and in the issue of building community. Two powerful pilgrimages took place through the land of Israel-Palestine. A core group of peace activists has been established for studying and working towards the manifestation of the PRV-ME vision and the circles of support are expanding rapidly.

Where we are now
After some years of peace education in Tamera we are happy to be back in the holy land for a time of service and manifestation. During this time we will work on various projects: introducing and modeling the vision of water retention landscapes in the Middle East, publishing books and study materials in Hebrew and Arabic, and being in service for the uprising of a new culture. The high point of this time will be in April 2012 – a month of intensive community experience and education time about the connection of inner and outer peace work, which will serve as an opportunity to connect with a healed picture of the holy land.

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