November 15, 2019

June 19, 2012

Noteworthy: ‎

Iranian nukes? No worries

Writing in USA Today, Kenneth Waltz picks apart international concerns over Iran’s ‎pursuit of nuclear capabilities. ‎

Although it is impossible to be certain of Iranian intentions, it is far more likely that if Iran ‎desires nuclear weapons, it is for the purpose of enhancing its own security, not to ‎improve its offensive capabilities. Iran could be intransigent when negotiating and ‎defiant in the face of sanctions, but it still acts to secure its own preservation.‎

Iranian Nukes? Don’t Worry, Says Prof

Ira Stoll of Commentary Magazine pens his response to Waltz’ arguments on Iran.‎

‎[T]here’s a double standard when it comes to the Israeli A-bomb and an Iranian ‎one. Waltz writes that “by reducing imbalances in military power, new nuclear states ‎generally produce more regional and international stability, not less.” But he blames ‎Israel’s nukes for fueling instability.  ‎

Military Power Play in Egypt

Steven A. Cook talks to the Council on Foreign Relations about the Egyptian army’s recent move to shore up its own power.

Clearly the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is stepping outside the legal bounds to undermine a parliament that is dominated by both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist al-Nour Party. Although this is obviously controversial, oddly it has not produced an explosion of demonstrations in opposition either among revolutionaries, liberals, leftists, labor, or even the Muslim Brotherhood, against whom it was clearly targeted.

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