October 22, 2019

June 12, 2012


Moscow…waiting for the right price

Russia is cynically using the situation in Syria to negotiate a better international ‎position for itself, writes Emad El Din Adeeb in Asharq Alawsat.‎

We hope that senior politicians in Moscow show us more respect and stop defending the regime, for ‎they know – before anyone else – that it is doomed to a tragic end. The worst thing about this Russian ‎role is that Moscow is greatly helping to raise the cost of this regime’s inevitable end, through its ‎positions in the Security Council and through its continued arms support to al-Assad.‎

Palestinians Go Back to UN Dead-End

The Palestinian leadership’s decision to again seek statehood through the United ‎Nations is a clear indication of its unwillingness to negotiate with Israel, writes ‎Jonathan S. Tobin in Commentary Magazine. ‎

The UN ploy has exposed for anyone who cares to open their eyes the fact ‎that the political culture of the Palestinians still makes it impossible for the ‎PA — whether it is run by Abbas and his Fatah alone or in conjunction with ‎the terrorists of Hamas — to recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish state no ‎matter where its borders would be drawn. The only kind of Palestinian state ‎they want or can possibly accept is one that won’t require them to pledge to ‎end the conflict and live in amity with their Jewish neighbors, even if all ‎settlements in the West Bank were wiped off the map.‎

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