November 20, 2019

June 11, 2012


Middle East Peace Fantasies and the Israeli Reality

The international community and the Israeli left are mistaken if they believe Netanyahu will abandon Israel’s settlers, writes Arik Elman in Algemeiner.

To think that in Israel, today, there’s a viable constituency that is willing to support massive destruction of settlements, restoration of the suicidal “borders” of 1949 (with swaps, of course with swaps, always with swaps) and the carving out of the heart of the Jewish people in Jerusalem in exchange for an empty piece of paper, is to repeat the grievous mistake that the Obama administration made in the beginning of its dysfunctional relationship with Netanyahu.

How challenging is it to be Israel’s ‎First Lady?

Bild newspaper finally publishes its much discussed interview by Stephanie Bilges, in which Sara Netanyahu talks about her life as the wife of Israel’s prime minister, her ‎work and her family. ‎

How does she manage to pursue a career while, at the same time, juggling the duties of ‎a First Lady and mother of two sons? “It is very important for me to work and pursue my ‎career, despite being First Lady”, says Sara. “I have studied for so many years and put ‎so much effort in to my education.”‎

Israel and the United States in Disagreement over Iran

Differing demands on Iran regarding its nuclear program is causing a rift between ‎the key allies, writes Zaki Shalom for the Institute of National Security Studies. ‎

Against the backdrop of the dialogue between the P-5+1 and Iran in recent weeks, ‎two major issues have emerged that display clear differences between Israel and the ‎United States. First, Israel’s timetable vis-à-vis Iran differs vastly from America’s. ‎While Israel operates out of a sense that it has very little time left, the United States ‎seems to be in no hurry because it has a much longer timeframe. Second, Israel is ‎making very specific and concrete demands of Iran, much more far-reaching than ‎those being made by the United States, at least for now.‎

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