August 23, 2019

April 23, 2012

The Fantasy of Zero Nukes

Obama’s dream of a nuclear-free world has failed to inspire most members of the ‎nuclear club, and certainly not Iran and its ambition to acquire such armaments, ‎writes Amitai Etzioni in the National Interest. ‎

Iran seeks a nuclear weapon to deter attacks by the United States and its ‎allies, as a source of prestige and possibly as the means needed to wipe out ‎Israel. North Korea claims to need nuclear weapons to deter the United ‎States, Japan and South Korea from what it sees as their aggressive ‎tendencies—and views them as a major source of prestige as well. None of ‎these reasons are much affected by whatever deals Moscow and ‎Washington are making.‎

Nuclear weapon ‎reductions must be part of ‎strategic analysis

Writing in the Washington Post, Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft outline their ‎formula for a successful and safe reduction in nuclear weapons.‎

‎[I]n assessing the level of unacceptable damage, the United States cannot ‎assume that a potential enemy will adhere to values or calculations identical to ‎our own. We need a sufficient number of weapons to pose a threat to what ‎potential aggressors value under every conceivable circumstance. We should ‎avoid strategic analysis by mirror-imaging. ‎

Interview: The PLO’s Ahmad Quray

The former Palestinian prime minister tells Asharq Al-Awsat that the PA has never ‎agreed to a land swap, and that the US is clearly disengaging from the Mideast. ‎

The condition of halting the settlement activities is right and correct. However, it is important to say that ‎I will not under any circumstances recognize any settlement bloc that has been built on the 1967 ‎territories, and I will never accept it. Syria has not said stop the settlement activities, but it said no ‎settlements after the agreement. Egypt did not say, for instance, stop the building activities in Yamit ‎‎[settlement in Sinai], but when the situation was resolved the settlement was demolished. In Gaza, ‎have they [the Israelis] not left it? Therefore, our stance ought to be clear, but without making it ‎understood that the required amendments are in exchange for the settlements. ‎

My $100k Offer to J Street & Peter ‎Beinart

Ronn Torossian of Algemeiner offers members of the left-wing pro-Israel camp a six-‎figure to extend their same message to the Jewish community in the Arab world.‎

For the challenge, they must pick three Middle Eastern Arab countries as well as Gaza, and ‎speak in open advertised forums including Mosques and Universities. They must also travel ‎without security as they do in Israel and Jewish communities. Upon completion of this tour I ‎will sign the check, which I am prepared to place in escrow today with attorneys. J Street ‎President Mr. Jeremy Ben Ami and Mr. Peter Beinart simply need to preach their message ‎of co-existence in the Arab world.‎