December 16, 2018

New Slogan Adopted By White Supremacists

US white supremacists recently embraced a brand new slogan that is a rallying cry at various events and a common catchphrase that is used on fliers promoted at universities. The slogan is: “You Will Not Replace Us!” The choice of the motto revolves around highlighting issues that the supremacists are now preoccupied with, including preserving the white cultural history and the entire white race. It also showcases the fear that white people will become a minority without power as demographics are changing.

All minorities in the US are now feeling run down with the election of Donald Trump as president and the support that white supremacy groups receive. White supremacists are doing all that they can in order to rally people to support the cause. White supremacists claim that immediate action has to be taken or the entire race will be doomed as there is a “rising tide of color” that is manipulated and controlled by Jews.

“You Will Not Replace Us” is a slogan that initially appeared in February 2017. This was when Identity Evropa, a right white supremacist group under the leadership of Nathan Damigo appeared at the New York City Moving Image as Shia LeBeouf was using a live-stream to protest against Donald Trump. His project was promoted as “He Will Not Divide Us”. Domingo showed up and declared that people will not replace them with globalism. Then, others joined and started shouting “You will not replace us”. Then, as time passed the slogan started to become popular among white supremacists on social media.

During the month of May, the slogan started to appear in fliers posted by white supremacists at different country universities. This includes the DC George Washington University, the Philadelphia Temple University, and the Dallas Southern Methodist University. In the fliers, there were also different websites owned and operated by supremacists.

White supremacist supporters are looking for services like logo design to create visuals associated with the motto. However, many agencies refuse such work as the supremacist supporters are mostly using homemade signs to carry at rallies.

Twitter had 2,000 posts with the reference on May 2, as the fliers were posted in the campuses and people shared images on the network. On the 13th of May, the slogan became the main rallying cry of white supremacists that were protesting at the Confederate monument removals in Virginia and Charlottesville. It was Identity Evropa members that carried the banner with the slogan at the protests. Another spike of social media posts appeared as the protests were carried out.

On May 20 we saw the latest appearance of this slogan as 2 Marines ended up in police custody when a banner they created was unfurled. The banner featured “YWNRU”, the obvious acronym for the new white supremacist slogan. Once again, because of the arrest of the supremacists more following appeared on social media.

The new slogan is starting to get a strong following around the white supremacy groups in the USA. As politics and questions related to racism keep popping up, we have to wait and see when the new “You Will Not Replace Us” mention is going to appear. Several white supremacist rallies are scheduled in the following months so this is where we will see if the slogan becomes official for all the groups or just some of them.