November 15, 2019

June 13, 2012


Russia Sets Out Tough Terms for ‎Resolving Syria’s Civil War

Moscow wants Iran in on any Syria talks, ‎and is taking advantage of the turmoil to ‎advance its own agenda, writes Tony ‎Karon in Time. ‎

Moscow is pressing its own ideas on how to deal with the failure of the Annan plan to ‎gain traction. It believes the fighting can only be stopped by a consensus of all ‎external parties who are backing the various combatants. Annan concurs, having ‎asked all governments with influence to “twist arms” to achieve a cease-fire. To that ‎end, Moscow has proposed holding an international conference on Syria of the ‎Western powers, Russia and China, Arab League countries, Turkey and Iran. ‎

The Beginning of the End for Liberal Jewry

Jonathan S. Tobin of Commentary Magazine takes a look at a significant demographic ‎shift illustrated in the new report on the New York Jewish community, and what it means for American Jewry. ‎

If, as the survey tells us, 40 percent of Jews in New York City and 74 percent of all Jewish ‎children are Orthodox, then this must inform our conclusions not only about what ‎American Jews believe but also about its future. When combined with the nearly one-‎third of Jews who are abandoning Jewish identity altogether, this paints a picture of an ‎American Jewish population that is comprised of two ships passing each other in the night ‎‎— one becoming increasingly Orthodox and the other on the brink of not being Jewish at ‎all. ‎

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