October 22, 2019

June 6, 2012


Mideast game-changer

Marking 30th anniversary of the start of the first Lebanon War, Amir Taheri ‎writes in the New York Post that the Israel’s defeat of Arafat ‎and the PLO in Lebanon served to give rise to darker powers in the country, thanks to ‎Syria and Iran. ‎

America and its chief ally in that intervention, France, paid heavily for ‎breathing fresh life into the moribund Palestinian cause: Some 241 ‎US Marines and 57 French paratroopers were murdered in suicide ‎attacks organized by Iranian and Syrian agents in Lebanon. In the ‎following decade, 23 American and French citizens were a held ‎hostage by Hezbollah on orders from Tehran and Damascus, and ‎three were murdered.

‎‘Helping Israel Defend Itself Is Germany’s Duty’‎

Der Spiegel presents the responses of the German media to its exposé on Berlin’s ‎role in building Israel’s alleged nuclear arsenal.

Opposition parties in Germany are demanding answers about the sale of nuclear-‎capable submarines to Israel, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‎has said that the vessels are “very important” for his country’s security. Media ‎commentators argue that Germany has a historical duty to support the Jewish ‎state. ‎

Media digest

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