August 17, 2019

May 6, 2012

Anti-Semitism: the Last Refuge of the Left

British leftists are kowtowing to an ever-growing Islamist movement, at the expense ‎of Israel and the Jewish people, writes David Pryce-Jones in the National Review. ‎

In order to focus their hostility, the enemies of Israel ascribe to it all the sins today ‎associated with abstract nouns like imperialism, colonialism and the like. This defies ‎rational explanation, Professor Curtis writes, but it is serviceable. People with ‎nothing to say about North Korea or Zimbabwe willingly dream of reducing Tel Aviv ‎to the ruined level of Homs. In the past Jews were singled out and condemned for ‎reasons now obviously malicious fictions. Today’s liberals and leftists are making ‎common cause with Islamists who share falsehoods and fantasies with them.‎

Early Israeli Elections Are All About Iran

Arik Elman of Algemeiner speculates as to the reason Netanyahu ‎has called elections long before the Knesset’s natural term expires.‎

For the exceptionally shortsighted Israel-watchers, the news of the political crisis ‎was welcome, because it meant reprieve from the threat of as Israeli strike against ‎Iran this summer, giving the appeasers more time to “work with Iran” on a creative ‎formula that will enable the likes of Catherine Ashton to declare victory. In reality, ‎the coming elections will serve as the referendum on Netanyahu and Defense ‎Minister Barak’s intentions to pursue the course of unilateral prevention against ‎Tehran.  ‎

French elections: Virtue, the Debt, and the Jewish Question

On the eve of the final round of the French presidential elections, Nidra Poller of the American Thinker takes a look at the racial politics at play.

The choice on Sunday May 6th is not between two men but between two mutually exclusive visions of the future or, more exactly, the survival of France as a nation. If ever the proverbial Jewish vote would make sense, this is the moment. French Jews would not be afraid to be recognized as Jews, wouldn’t fear for their lives, the safety of their children, their very future in France if “immigration” did not import Islamic Jew hatred.

Revolution and reform

Revolutionaries and reformists alike have been pushed aside in the aftermath of the ‎uprisings in the Arab world in favor of more conservatives forces, writes Abdel-‎Moneim Said in Al-Ahram. ‎

In all events, rebellion and revolution did happen in some countries, and stirred ‎unrest of varying dimensions in others. Then the revolutions began to stare in ‎disbelief at the consequences. In Egypt, today, one detects a sense of major remorse ‎because the revolution let down the people, first by not being more connected with ‎them and then by abandoning the field to reactionary forces that had never sought ‎revolution but that once it happened swooped in to snatch the fruits just when they ‎were ripe enough to pick.‎

Shiva for a Beastie Boy

David Samuels of Tablet Magazine pens a more memorable tribute to fellow ‎Brooklyn boy Adam Yauch, who lost his battle with cancer on Friday at the age of 47. ‎

What has been lost is a model of how to live as a humble yet active and ‎entirely responsible citizen of the world and also, at the same time, as a rock ‎star, which is something that few human beings have the emotional ‎capacity—including the knowledge of their own uniqueness and also the ‎tolerance for their own limitations, and the limitations of others—to ‎manage. ‎