August 17, 2019

March 27, 2012

Peter Beinart’s False Prophecy

The journalist’s new book, The Crisis in Zionism, is misleading and riddled with loose with the facts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, writes Bret Stephens in Tablet Magazine.

Beinart’s habit of what is either inexplicable sloppiness or extreme interpretative elasticity turns out to be one of the defining characteristics of The Crisis of Zionism. In fact, one of the challenges of reviewing the book is that it practically demands a typology. 

The U.S. can make all the difference in Syria

Writing in the Washington Post, Richard Cohen makes the case for American intervention in Syria.

If the United States finally acts, Russia will throw a fit. Pity. But more importantly, so will Iran. Syria is virtually its puppet state. The demise of the Assad regime would be a heavy blow to Iran. More pragmatically, it would be a boon to Israel. Iran supplies Hezbollah and Hamas through Syria. You can predict anything other than the future in the Middle East, yet bloodying Assad’s nose has nothing but favorable consequences for America and its allies in the region, not only Israel but Saudi Arabia as well.

A Tale of Two Egyptian Armies

The US is being held hostage by the Egyptian army out of fear that the country could spiral into real chaos, writes Lee Smith of the Weekly Standard.

[A]lmost everything that seems bad for Egypt, or anything that terrifies the U.S., is good for the SCAF. For instance, a referendum recently passed in the new Islamist-dominated parliament to expel the Israeli ambassador, halt gas exports to Israel and identify the Jewish state as Egypt’s “number one enemy” only makes the Egyptian military look good by comparison. Since foreign policymaking as a whole, and the caretaking of the peace treaty with Israel in particular, is the exclusive privilege of the army, it is up to them to make the final call on any of those initiatives coming out of parliament. The point is: Yes, things could get even worse in Egypt, much worse, so the White House wants to keep the Egyptian army happy.

The Jewish Right To All Of Jerusalem

Ronn Torossian of the Algemeiner takes issue with the controversy over the eviction of Palestinains from Jewish-owned property in East Jerusalem.

A Jewish family seeks to live in Eastern Jerusalem in a legally purchased home, and isn’t being permitted to move in nor remove illegal squatters from the home. Without discussing the many Arab countries Jews aren’t permitted to own real estate in (or that Arabs can and do buy all over the Jewish state), how is it that Jews who won in court, followed all laws and legally own property are being condemned?