November 19, 2019

Neo-Nazi Flyers Found on UCF Chabad Sign

Photo from Wikipedia.

A slew of neo-Nazi flyers was discovered on the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Chabad sign on Oct. 15.

The Chabad sign, which states, “Future Home of Chabad at UCF,” had three flyers on it that read “Love Not Hate,” with the “o” being replaced with a swastika and the “a” being replaced with a Star of David.

The Chabad wrote in an Oct. 16 Facebook post that they have been in contact with university and police over the matter.

“There is only one acceptable response to these acts of hate and divisiveness and that is increased light, love, unity and Jewish pride,” the post read. “The sukkah, which embraces all who enter it, celebrates unity and equality despite our differences. In that spirit, and in response to this act of hate, we invite the entire UCF community to join us this Friday night in the Chabad Sukkah for a celebration of Shabbat and the Sukkot, holiday.”

 Neo-Nazi flyers were also found on UCF’s campus in 2015; the flyers were aimed at recruiting people to join the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen division and had a Star of David with the words “1% Bankers” emblazoned on it.

 UCF student Sierra Thompson told on Oct. 15, “It’s weird how we are in 2019 and this is still a thing. There’s some people who just love to — it’s stupid to say it — but love to hate, and sometimes the hate is just ignorance and sometimes there’s, like, a reason behind it, and usually it’s, like, trauma.”