October 15, 2019

Sharon Osbourne Calls Corbyn ‘Arrogant’ and ‘Repulsive’

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

‘The Talk’ co-host Sharon Osbourne, wife of musician Ozzy Osbourne, called UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn “arrogant” and “repulsive” in an interview with The Sun published on Sept. 4. 

Osbourne said, “I hate him so much!” when The Sun asked her about Corbyn.

I want to hurt him. I want to physically hurt this man,” Osbourne said. “He is the most arrogant, ugly f—. I want to hurt him. Oh my God, he is revolting, so ugly, inside and out. This ugliness oozes from him, he’s repulsive.”

Osbourne, who is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, went on to describe her concern about the growing anti-Semitism in the Labour Party 

“It’s always been around and it will always be around and that’s what terrifies me because of all the ugly groups that are coming up all over the world,” Osbourne said. “It’s always the Jews or the blacks or the Muslims — everybody hates somebody.”

Osbourne also discussed about the various instances her late father, Don Arden, faced anti-Semitism while serving in the British Army during World War II, including his fellow soldiers forcing him to “dig a hole” in the pouring rain because he’s “a f—— Jew and this war is over you.”

The Labour Party has faced myriad allegations of anti-Semitism under Corbyn’s stewardship and the Labour Party leader has been criticized for abetting the rise of it; more than a dozen Labour Party members have resigned from the party over the anti-Semitism allegations. 

On Sept. 4, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson challenged Corbyn to join his efforts to call snap elections after the House of Commons blocked his attempt to get a no-deal Brexit bill passed. Corbyn rebuffed Johnson.