May 24, 2019

N.Y. Synagogue Window Smashed During Shabbat

Screenshot from Facebook.

Two unidentified men reportedly threw an unknown object into the window of a Brooklyn synagogue at 2 a.m. on Feb. 16, in what is being investigated as a hate crime.

Around 15 people, including Rabbi Menachem Heller, his wife and six of their children, were enjoying each other’s company at the Chabad of Bushwick when they heard a booming sound and saw shattered glass.

Heller told NBC News that they asked people across the street to call 911 since the incident occurred during Shabbos.

“It was really scary,” Heller told CBS New York. “We didn’t know what else was going to come after that.”

Heller also told the New York Post that they’re going to find ways to bolster security at the chabad.

“I would like to say this wasn’t anti-Semitism, but I’m doubtful,” Heller said. “We are one of four storefronts that look exactly the same, and three were lit up the same way. Our’s happened to be the one that was hit, on a Friday night, no less.”

Police are looking for two men who they believe were the perpetrators.