July 18, 2019

Poll: 20% of Americans Support BDS

A recent poll from Rasmussen found that 20 percent of likely American voters support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The poll, published on Feb. 6, asked respondents if they support “the effort calling for boycott, disinvestment and sanctions against Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians.” Twenty percent said they supported it, 41 percent said they were against it and 39 percent said they didn’t have an opinion on the matter.

Support for BDS is even lower in Britain, as a poll conducted by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and Community Security Trust found that only 10 percent of people Britain support BDS, while 46 percent are against it and 42 percent have no opinion of it.

This would seem to be a decline in support for BDS in these two countries, as a 2016 Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 33 percent of Americans and 40 percent of Brits supported BDS at the time.

Rasmussen’s write-up of their latest poll states that their findings show that “support by several prominent new Democratic members of the House has raised the profile of the effort to punish Israel economically for its treatment of the Palestinians, but few voters are ready to join in.”

The poll was conducted from Feb. 3-4 among 1,000 respondents with a margin of error of three percentage points.

H/T: Algemeiner