December 13, 2018

Pence Highlights Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe in Religious Liberty Speech

Vice President Mike Pence spoke out against the rising anti-Semitism in Europe in a July 26 speech at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom in Washington D.C.

Pence discussed the United States’ commitment to upholding religious liberty at home and abroad and highlighted countries that frequently discriminate against certain religions, such as Iran, China, Nicaragua and Russia.

The vice president then turned to the increasing perils Jews face in Europe.

“Just 70 years after the Holocaust, attacks on Jews, even on aging Holocaust survivors, are growing at an alarming rate,” Pence said. “Last year, hate crimes against Jews hit a record high in the United Kingdom.  And in the same period of time, there were an average of nearly four attacks against Jews every day.”

Pence also mentioned how France in particular has become dangerous for Jews, pointing to the 2015 kosher supermarket terror attack and the 2012 targeted shooting at a Jewish school that killed four children.

“It is remarkable to think that within the very lifetimes of some French Jews — the same French Jews that were forced by the Nazis to wear identifiable Jewish clothing — that some of those same people are now being warned by their democratic leaders not to wear identifiable Jewish clothing,” Pence said. “These acts of violence and hatred and anti-Semitism must end.”

Additionally, Pence talked about ISIS’ “barbarism” and how “ISIS is on the run” thanks to the Trump administration’s efforts; he also mentioned that they are sanctioning Turkey until they release American Pastor Andrew Brunson.

The full speech can be seen below: