November 17, 2018

IAC Organizes Soccer Game in Response to Argentina’s Cancellation

On June 6, Argentina canceled an exhibition soccer match with Israel due to threats of violence from anti-Israel protestors. In response, the Israeli-American Council’s (IAC) Las Vegas chapter organized a friendly soccer game between Israeli-Americans and Argentinian-Americans on June 17.

According to a press release from the IAC, the game featured both countries’ flags and anthems. The Israelis defeated the Argentinians by a score of 6 to 4.

“All countries regularly host international sporting events in their capitals. It is sad that Israel remains the exception to the rule,” IAC Las Vegas Regional Director Noa Peri-Jensch said in a statement. “We are very proud of our Gvanim graduate, Itay Daddon, for stepping up and leading this project, and of Las Vegas Regional Council members Dr. Neville Pokroy, Dr. Adin Boldur, Ben Cohen and Tal Hackmey for helping to create more meaningful partnerships in our community.”

Daddon said in a statement: “Through organizing the friendly soccer game in Las Vegas, we can lead the way for other communities by tapping into sport’s vast and inspiring potential as a bridge-builder, rather than how it is used by the BDS movement as a tool for provoking tension and controversy.”